Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jeepers! It's January!

Welcome to the Jeepers It's January! Giveaway Event hosted by The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island ! After entering my giveaway you will see many great blogs with prizes. We were involved in many awesome giveaways this fall and will continue to. Feel free to check out our Giveaway Page as they change often. Why not enter to win some nice prizes while your curled up by the fire staying warm? Good Luck to Everyone!

Mom To Grandma is self sponsoring this one and we want to give one lucky winner $10. in Pay Pal Cash!

Must be 18, World Wide! Winner must return winning e-mail within 48 hours or a new winner will be drawn. Please give the RC a moment to load. While any one entry will enter you, the more tasks you complete, the higher your chances. Ends 1/17/18 11:59pm. Good Luck Everyone!
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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

BODYARMOR SportWater; What's in Your Gym Bag? Giveaway


What's in your Gym Bag? Giveaway

bodyarmor sportswater   My daughter has been in track going on 10 years now so we are pros at knowing what to keep in a gym bag and what to pack for track meets. The weather isn't always predictable and in California we might have a cold morning (for us) and hot day and cooler evening. So having the right essentials for a gym bag for track practices and track meets, plus what I pack for track meets is important to survive the day.
I am being compensated by the sponsor for my participation in this campaign. I am also a part of the Mom It Forward Influencer Network.

Welcome to Mom To Grandma's blog! We appreciate your visit. January is a great time to hit the gym and that requires hydration! It's also time to make sure you have the right supplies in your gym bag. We are glad you chose this giveaway and While your here feel free to check out our other giveaways on our Giveaway Page ! There will be more and these will change! Good Luck All!

What's in The Gym Bag

  • Warm up clothes (sweat pants wide at the ankle to pull on and off over shoes and a hoodie).
  • Appropriate shoes. She had running shoes, spikes for high jump and hurdles and another pair of shoes for when she does shot put.
  • Extra pair of socks.
  • Cell phone (so she can find me when her practice is over or to tell me when she is going on the field for an event), backup battery and charger, a good book (especially for long track meets) and anything else for entertainment since there is sometimes a few hours of waiting between events.
  • Bottled water in a reusable bottle. We fill the container with ice so that it stays cold as it defrosts throughout the day.
  • BODYARMOR Sportwater. Especially when she has been exercising for hours and in the hot sun.
  • Light snack, like a granola bar. Eating too heavy can slow athletes down, hinder their performance and give them an upset stomach.
BODYARMOR is the brand of choice for athletes and has assembled an impressive team of young and superstar athletes including Kobe Bryant, James Harden, Mike Trout, Dustin Johnson, Andrew Luck, Kristaps Porzinigis, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Skylar Diggins. bodyarmor sportwater

What Parents Should Pack

I pack sorta similar but things for me and any guests (her brother, my parents, etc). I'll be sitting for hours at the track meet. I might be in the stands. If she is at high jump and shot put I'll need a chair since there is nothing to sit on near those events.
  • Ice chest with cold drinks. Especially water. Extra for my daughter, in case she drinks all of what is in her gym bag.
  • Snacks that won't make me tired. Cheese and crackers. Apples and peanut butter. String cheese. If I want hot food I can get nachos or a hot dog from the concession stand. Some parents pack things like ring pops for the kids. Fresh fruit, like oranges, too.
  • I usually wear a t-shirt and pants (shorts if it is full-on summer) and bring a lightweight sweater I can tie around my waist.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A good book (since I can't stay on my cell the whole time, battery won't last all day). Tried to bring my tablet but the sun glares on it too much.
  • Cell phone (to take pictures and videos at the meet), backup battery and USB cord.
  • Portable chair or something padded to sit on if I'm in the stadium seats (I have a 4-foot long yoga mat that is nice to bring. Padding to sit on plus saves my spot in the seats.
  • Some people bring umbrellas or stadium umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun. I find them too bulky to carry around and the wind blows them too easily.
  • BODYARMOR is committed to providing superior hydration to every athlete. Launched in 2017, BODYARMOR SportWater is a premium water, designed by athletes, for athletes. It has a Performance pH of 8+ and a proprietary Sports Electrolyte formula, plus a wide-mouth bottle for faster, Superior Hydration. Finally, a water that works as hard as you do.
    • Electrolytes for Sport
    • Performance pH 8+
    • Wide-Mouth Bottle
    • Available in 20 oz., 23.7 oz. Sports Cap and 1 Liter bottles
  You can print a $1 coupon for purchase at Ralph's grocery store.  

Now To The Giveaway

One lucky person will win a $25.00 Kroger Gift Card & 1 month supply of BODYARMOR Water. Winner must be of the age 18-years-old, or older, live in the Continental U.S. and not have won any other giveaways by BODYARMOR Water.   a Rafflecopter giveaway Mom Are We There Yet and all participating bloggers not responsible for items not sent by sponsor or items lost in the shipping.

January $350. Cash Giveaway

Mom To Grandma has participated by being a sponsor in the $350. January Cash Giveaway again as we did in October, November and December. We have big plans for our blog this year starting with more actual posts as well as shared giveaways. For us, the purpose is to give back to our readers, we appreciate you all! We have been involved in many giveaways during the fall and will continue to have as many as possible. Feel free to check out our Giveaway Page as they change often. Temps are holding at 2 degrees here in the snow belt of New York and it seems to be extra cold every where! Maybe this $350. will help someone pay their heating bill! Good Luck to Everyone!

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Baby It's Cold Outside Giveaway

Baby It's Cold Outside Giveaway

Enter to win our baby it's cold outside giveaway. Now that winter is here it is often cold, even here in California. Whether you have a fire pit or fireplace, they are both a great way to get warm, even toast some s'mores. Getting a fire started, and into a full-on good fire that gives off heat, isn't always easy. I'm too old to want to play with minor kindling, sticks and matches. I want a real fire and quick. I found using Enviro-Logs work great. They offer heat to stay warm and for cooking and are made from earth friendly ingredients. They are safe for camping, cookouts, tailgating,fireplaces, woodstoves, fire pits and more. They light better than regular firewood too. I love how they are super easy to open and start. Just loosen each end, put in a fire pit or fireplace and light it up.

baby it's cold outside

I think the song, with the words, 'Baby It's Cold Outside' is so cute I even bought a front porch mat saying it. In California we don't get that cold of weather but it does get cool enough to enjoy a fire. Especially when camping. For those that live where it is freezing cold or snowing, these are perfect for a fireplace to take the chill out of a room and get the house a little warmer without blasting the heater in the whole house.


Welcome to Mom To Grandma's blog! We appreciate your visit. This weather is the perfect time to have logs in the fire. Unless your in some really warm place I read your feeling this cold snap too! Here in the New York snow belt is is 2 degrees and threatening worse. While your here feel free to check out our other giveaways on our Giveaway Page ! There will be more and these will change! Good Luck All!

Now For The Giveaway

You can buy Enviro-Log in stores and online. One person can win some too!

Right now one lucky person will win one case of logs from Enviro-Logs. Each case has six logs in it.

Winner must be of the age 18-years-old, or older, and live in the Continental U.S. Retail value approximately $50.
  a Rafflecopter giveaway   Disclosure: Mom Are We There Yet and all participating bloggers are not responsible for items not set by sponsor or items lost in shipping.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Alternatives To Going Out Partying on New Years Eve

At some point in our lives we all want to get our party on when New Years Eve rolls around. I have only done that a few times in my life as the big party life was never something I acquired the taste for.
All of these options are with or without wine (except the babysitting and church of course)!

  • 1 . Let your friends know you are available to babysit for a certain amount of dollars per hour, per child. The word will get around and you'll make a bundle instead of spending a bundle.

  • 2 . Stay in with your partner or a friend and a good movie.

  • 3 . Invite a few good friends over for appetizers and conversation.

  • 4 . Have a dinner party with two or more special guests.

  • 5 . Plan an extra special evening with your children.

  • 6 . Avoid the bar scene by going out bowling, skating or another physical activity.

  • 7 . Grab your hubby or a bestie and seek out a good movie.

  • 8 . This one isn't completely about you. Call up your parents or a sibling and reminisce.

  • 9 . Write a long detailed letter to yourself or a loved one, I'd suggest wine with this one!

  • 10. Plan out your year ahead 2018 (within your ability.)

  • 11. Invite friends, make jello shots and get freaky, I'd suggest choosing your participants wisely!

  • 12. Bring the new year in in a giving way. Invite someone, who may not otherwise have plans, over or go visit them or suggest doing something together.

  • 13. Spend the evening at your own or a local church.

  • 14. Use the money you would have spent going out to add something new to your home or refurbish something you already own. Nothing like good ole work pride to bring in the new year.

  • 15. Spend the evening working on a hobby, although stop in time to enjoy the ball dropping.

    We hope each and every one of you have a happy, safe New Years Eve whether you choose one of these options or something totally different. We, here, at Mom To Grandma's blog wish you all a wonderful, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, enjoy!
  • Wednesday, December 27, 2017

    Healthy Things To Do With Your Children Over Break

    I know all parents can become overwhelmed and often stressed,I think for awhile I forgot that children,too,are often stressed and need healthy outlets to channel their thoughts and emotions. School breaks or vacations can lead to these feelings because they have so much un constructed time on their hands. I have started just a short list of ideas, to help use this time, in healthy ways. Please feel free to add as many as you wish in the comments below.

    1. Hide any number of items in your yard or park area. The first to find them all gets a non sugar treat.

    2. Go on long walks dressed for the weather.

    3. Take them and their pet to a park or dog park.

    4. Bring your child and a size appropriate shovel while you both shovel off a seniors sidewalk.

    5. Walk to somewhere fun like a relatives or out for hot cocoa.

    6. Make snow angels or if your lucky sand castles.

    7. Try out the Pokemon Go or learn how to play.

    8. Take a class or try a few sessions of something new at your local Y or gym.

    9. Let your child pick out a meal and let them help prepare it as much as they are capable.

    10. Let them pick out a movie and snack maybe even stay up late for movie night.

    11. Go on a short road trip to somewhere near by that you haven't been before. Our first one was to an old bridge.

    12. Take them to story time at your local library and maybe talk about the power of books, they can take you anywhere your imagination allows.

    13. Discuss a craft they would like to make then go to an inexpensive store like Wal-mart to pick up what you need and follow through with making the craft.

    14. Let them choose a friend and have a play date complete with brown bag lunches.

    15. Take a sibling or friend and let them go sledding.

    The list is endless, name some of your ideas that I have forgotten!