Monday, September 24, 2018

Missing Monday; Timmonthy Pitzen

This week's missing person case was a high-profile case. I remember watching the news hoping and praying with the rest of our nation that little Timmothy Pitzen would be found alive and safe.

Timmothy was the only child of Jim and Amy Fry-Pitzen. They lived in Aurora, Illinois. Timmothy was only 6 years old at the time of his disappearance. Timmothy is a Caucasian male whose hair and eyes are brown. Those who knew Timmothy called him Tim or Timmy.

On the morning of May 11, 2011 Jim dropped his son off at school. Within a half an hour, his mother Amy arrived at the Greenman Elementary School claiming there was a family emergency and she had to take Timmothy out of his kindergarten class. There was no emergency with their family that morning. Jim Pitzen has not seen his son since that early morning in May.

Three days after Amy had taken her son from his school her deceased body was discovered in a motel room. She had died of self-inflicted wounds to her neck and wrists.

Detectives found that after Amy had checked Timmothy out of school she drove over to an auto repair shop and dropped off her blue 2004 Ford Expedition SUV at around 10 a.m. An employee that worked at the auto repair shop drove Amy and Timothy to the Brookfield Zoo and at about 3 p.m. she came back to pick up her repaired vehicle. She then proceeded to drive Timmothy to the Key Lime Cove Resort in Gurnee Illinois where they spent that night.

When Jim went to pick up his son from kindergarten and found out that his mother had taken him out of school that morning under the pretenses that there was a family emergency he tried to call her cellular phone numerous times and got no answer. He then decided to report his wife and son missing.

Further investigation and camera footage would help investigators piece together some of Amy's following movements.

On the 12th of May, Amy and Timmothy drove to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. The following morning at 10 a.m. security footage would show them waiting in line to check out.

Amy made several calls on her cellular phone to loved ones saying her and Timmothy were not in any kind of trouble and they were fine. Timmothy could be heard in one of the calls sounding normal and only saying he was hungry. This was the last time anyone heard or saw little Timmothy.

Amy was spotted alone at a Family Dollar store where she purchased stationary in Winnebago Illinois. She also went to a nearby Sullivan's Foods and then checked in to the Rockford Inn in Rockford Illinois.

As Investigators reviewed the surveillance footage they were able to piece together that Amy had taken Timothy and spent previous days visiting water parks and having fun with him.

It was sometime on the night of May 12th or the next morning 13th Amy took her own life by taking an overdose of antihistamines and slashing her own wrists and neck. Employees at the Rockford Inn found Amy's body at 12:30 p.m. on May 14th.

Amy left behind a suicide note and two letters in the mail one for her mother and one for a friend saying that timmothy would be fine and he is with people who would care about him. She did not name those people in one of the notes Amy wrote she said no one would ever find him. Investigators did not find Amys cellular phone. The cellular phone which was missing at the time of her death turned up on the road side of Route 78 in the Autumn of 2013. Investigators went back to the place where it was found and conducted a search but found nothing of Interest. There was also nothing of Interest found on the cellular phone.

Among other items that were also missing included Timothy's Spider-Man backpack, his clothes and toys, the clothes Amy was wearing when she checked out of the Kalahari Resort, a tube of Crest toothpaste and on I-PASS transponder. Also missing was Timothy's car seat leading the investigators to initially believe Amy had in fact given Timmothy to someone else. However, later on Timothy's car seat turned up in his grandmother's possession in Wooster Ohio she had had it since the week before he had disappeared.

Amy's SUV was examined and found to be visibly dirty with soil weeds and Tall Grass stuck to the undercarriage. Forensic testing on the materials on her car indicated it had stopped for a time on a gravel area just off on asphalt road that had one time been treated with glass Road making beads in the backseat of Amy's SUV they found traces of Timothy's blood however they could not tell how long the stains had been there and one of the boys relatives said that he had gotten a bloody nose in the vehicle are about 12 to 18 months before his disappearance.

Investigators believe Amy may have been planning Timothy's disappearance for months. In February and March of 2011 she had taken two unexplained trips to the area where Timmothy would later disappear from.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Missing Monday: Asha Jaquilla Degree


The following case is one I have came across many times. It's a frustrating case, one of those cases where you come up with a possibility and then something don't add up and your back at square one.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

GrandBox; A Great Gift for the older ones in Your Life

I received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

I was thrilled when my daughter, also a part of Mom To Grandma, had a GrandBox Subscription Box sent to me. I loved that she personalized the box with a personal note and a few pictures of my grandchildren. These made it priceless!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

ZizzyBee Bags Make Organization Easy

We received a sample in exchange for a honest an unbiased review.

If organization is a problem or its something important to you this is the blog post for you. You need to hear about ZizzyBee Bags. We received a ZizzyBee Bag for a review and I definitely plan to order more.

ZizzyBee Bags are an innovative,eco-friendly, reusable mesh zippered storage bag. The bags are see through so you can see what's inside, you don't have to guess or waste time dumping a whole bag out to find what your looking for. The ZizzyBee Bags+ come in several sizes to hold everything from toys, snacks and sports equipment. They are accented with bright colors and patterns to choose from.

I really like that these simple bags are a safe alternative from ziploc bags and plastic bins. They are great for storing toys because they are safe. If your child puts a ZizzyBee Bags on their head you won't have to worry about suffocation because the bags are mesh and breathable. I also like being able to see what's inside and that the kids can see what's inside. You know kids out of sight out of their mind.

ZizzyBee Bags help you store just about anything from toiletries, make up, purse clutter diapers, wipes small toy parts. That is what I'm using mine for all the little toy parts. The bags are so convenient and have endless uses. The bags hold a lot of stuff. They are reusable, you can throw them in the washer and use them to organize something else. They are perfect for traveling, the compact bags fit nicely into a suit case or diaper bag. Not only are these clever bags handy, they are stylish. I love all the bright colors that are available.

The bags have an easy handle for hanging the bag on a hook, along with a safe zipper for little fingers. These mesh bags keep things safe from falling out. The mesh is breathable durable and washable . The colors are reinforced bright colors for durability and style.

ZizzyBee Bags come in a large 3 pack set. This set is 12"by 12" bags. You can pick 3 matching bags or 3 different colors. You could also choose the mix pack which comes with 2 large bags and 1 small bag that is 9"by 9". Just toss this bag in your purse and be on your way!

ZizzyBee Bags are a simple stylish design that takes organization to a safer level when you have children. They don't cost an arm and leg for their safety value I like that they are affordable.

ZizzyBee Bags were founded by Lisa who has 2 amazing kids of her own. she believes children bring whimsy and fun into our lives along with the need for organization for hundreds of teeny toy parts. Like most moms she believes it's important to keep organized while using products for our children that are safe, washable, well-designed and practical.

Lisa a full time single mom and entrepreneur saw a need and crested Bambino Toyota Bags. After seeing and unused toy parys strewn about her home and realizing her kids had lost interest Lisa set about uncovering the most efficient storage solutions on the market. She came up short.

Fabric bins, woven baskets and boxes collect everything in a mixed up jumble and keep toys hidden from view. Plastic bags are unsafe for small children and have a short shelf life.

In 2012, she started out as Bambino Toy Bags and not long after ZizzyBee Bags were born. Mothers were coming to Lisa with so many more uses for the simple see-through and eco-friendly storage bags, the uses were endless! She decided to rebrand and rename her company to encompass so much more than toy storage bags. ZizzyBee Bags come in more colors and sizes and have many more uses such as toiletries, medications, art supplies, toys, sports gear, diapers, wipes and much more!

You can connect with ZippyBee Bags via Facebook, @ZizzyBeeBags, Pinterest, ZizzyBee Bags ZizzyBee Bags and ZizzyBee Bags Website

Missing Monday; Jeremy Doland Bright

This Missing Monday's case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries. Jeremy Doland Bright was just 14 years old when he disappeared from Myrtle Point, Oregon on August 14, 1986.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Oh! The Places You'll Go! Back To School Giveaway Hop

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