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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cupcake Covers Review

I reviewed the most adorable cloth wipes and cloth wipe case I have ever seen. I contacted Shannon at Cupcake Covers and she was more than happy to sponsor a review and giveaway of these cute items! They are 7.5 x 7.5. One side a cotton flannel and the other is the organic baby loop bamboo. They have anti bacterial properties. I find that amazing! They work awesome. My fave is the frogs. No, the monkeys. No, I'd have to say all! I love this little carrier and believe it or not it holds 10 cloth wipes! It is lined with PUL and double stitched to make it waterproof! ARV $19.00

Cupcake Covers carries a variety of Eco Friendly Products. They started in 2011 shortly after her first daughter was born. She began making nursing covers and sold a few here and there to local friends and family members. It wasn't until recently (May 2012) that she decided she wanted to do more with Cupcake Covers. She wanted to take it more seriously and produce items on a larger scale. However, she knew she couldn't do that with just "nursing covers."

She was looking around daughters room one day and realized she could make so much more. She had made all of her daughter's bedding, curtains, wetbags, cloth wipes, pillow cases, and so much more. That is when she decided she would start marketing to other mama's who cloth diapered and wanted to participate in using ECO friendly products.

She has expanded her inventory to carry: Nursing Covers "Cupcake Covers", nursing pads, wetbags, cloth wipes, pail liners, reusable snack bags, unpaper towels, pillow cases, and Customized Car Kits.

She currently specializes in custom orders but will be building an inventory of more "READY TO SHIP ITEMS."

Cupcake Covers offers free shipping for purchases after $75.00

Cupcake Covers prides themselves on giving back to the community - They love participating in giveaways and charity events.

Cupcake Covers can be reached at:

Their facebook page :

Their etsy shop :

On twitter :


  1. These are so cool. I must look into getting some :) Thanks for the great review

  2. Those are some very cute wipes, I would have a hard time picking between the frogs and monkeys too. Good size too.

  3. They have anti-bacterial properties - that is awesome!

  4. Those wipes are adorable! I'd almost feel bad using them to clean up poop.

  5. I like that one side is flannel and one side is bamboo, nice and soft for the baby . the anti-bacterial is a huge bonus! thank you!

  6. Great review! We plan to cloth diaper our first little one due in December and I have been reading more and more about how great cloth wipes are! Cupcake covers has some adorable items on etsy! They are now a "favorite!" I really like their unpaper towels.

  7. I love that they like to participate in charity awesome!

  8. Awww the frog wipe is very cute. It would be nice to have some fun wipes like these.

  9. The wipes are so cute! I also love that carrying bag--so smart!

  10. These are adorable! Awesome that they are anti-bacterial as well!! Hope I win!

  11. What cute and unique prints! These would make great gifts for a cloth diapering mother. Anne Sweden