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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Review

We have recently received an cloth diaper to review.

Since 2006, a global online retailer based in China, has been a world wide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods. is the biggest diaper manufacture in China, keeping their costs low while maintaining high standards.

From the time that Alvababy was founded their vision has been to empower people world wide in buying and selling online.

We received a very cute pocket cloth diaper. There are three main components to a pocket cloth diaper first, a waterproof outer barrier fabric that is sewn to the second component, an inner moisture-wicking fabric that will keep the skin feeling dry. These two fabrics form a pocket to hold the third component,an absorbent insert. Pockets diapers function in away no other diaper ever has, special materials are used against the baby's skin to keep skin dry benefiting the baby in numerous ways. We have noticed since using our cloth diaper the baby has had less diaper rashes, there have not been any leaking messes to clean. We have a petite one so I was worried the diaper wouldn't fit, but with the many snap adjustments it fit fit just fine. The snaps will make it very tiny. They have many very cute prints.

The cloth diapers are machine washable and it is recommended before using one the first time. The inserts which are made from organic, unbleached cotton and hemp products will require 5-6 hot washes before they will be absorbent, other wise leaks will occur. The washes will remove the natural oils from the cotton or hemp, and they will become more and more absorbent with every wash. Our diaper has held up many washes and has not become discolored nor has it had any loose threading. It still fits like the first time. has some great tips on their site for laundering the diapers.

Their site is easy to navigate, and very informational. They have some great products, such as baby leggings, pants, diaper bags at some fantastically low prices.

You can connect with Alva Baby via Facebook and


  1. I've always heard not to buy China diapers - but this may make me reconsider...

  2. I am not too keen on that print but I have heard lots of good things about Alva diapers.

  3. I am not real fond of buying Chinese diapers but I would try them anyway.

  4. I too am not fond of Chinese diapers but I love the print on these!

  5. I did not no that this are Chinese based I can not buy and will not buy any thing that is from any ASIA country.

  6. So many cute prints from Alva and I am excited to add a few Alva diapers to my slowly growing stash.

  7. I've heard that these are an affordable option for those looking to save a little. I would try them for sure.

  8. I would be interested in trying these out considering they come from outside the US.

  9. Havnet tried these yet because I have just ordered my first diapers since I am just starting... I ordered a bundle of Kawaii... but would also like to try Alvas!!