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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'POP' Games Bundle by Learning Resources Review

We had an opportunity to review the Preschool Pop Games Bundle designed and manufactured by Learning Resources .

Learning Resources, headquartered in Vernon IL is a leading manufacture of products that are innovative, hands-on and educational. More than 1100 high-quality products are sold in more than 80 countries. The educational products are designed for preschoolers, kindergartners, primary and middle school. Children and their families can enjoy them at home.

Some of the company brands are New Sprout, Smart Snacks, Pretend Play,Gears! Gears! Gears!, Primary Science Now!, Board Simple Technology, Hands on Standards Publication, Rainbow Fractions, and Reading Rods.

The products that are sold by Learning Resources sell through a world wide network of educational dealers and representatives, toy and specialty stores. They are also sold thru direct mail catalogs and Learning Resources Website Additionally, they specialize in custom development and productions of educational products for other manufactures, government and ministries of education and international educational funding sources. Learning Resource provides product safety review, sourcing and manufacturing quality control and packaging designs solutions.

The Preschool Pop Game Bundle is a set of four games that are different yet similar. Each game has a different learning objective using colors, shapes, counting, and rhyming, using the same rules. The four games come in their own separate container. Each container is filled with 80 cardboard pieces relating to the game subject, and some of the pieces have the word Pop on them, Each player takes a turn spinning the spinner, and the number they land on is the amount of pieces they will pick from the canister. After identifying the picture on each card, they will put them in their own pile. If a player picks the cardboard piece with the word After identifying the picture on each card, they will put them in their own pile. If a player picks the cardboard piece with the word Pop they lose all the cards they have collected. The player who collects the most cards at the end of the game wins. All the games are simple and fun.

Each game has the same rules, although they are learning something different with each game. Dylan loves the rhyming game. It comes in it's own container filled with 80 tough cardboard pieces, each has a picture on it. When it is your turn, you spin the spinner and pull one, two, or three of the pieces out of the container. The object is to say a word that rhymes with the picture. Say for example the picture was a snake, the answer could be rake, cake, bake, stake. It is very quick, therefore, fun and it keeps him interested while he is learning. If a player draws a POP card they must return all their pieces. Dylan pretends to smack his forehead if he draws one of the POP cards but finds it hilarious if one of us draws it! Each game is easy and makes it easy to learn while playing. We play that the person who reaches ten pieces first is the winner. It can also be played that the person with the most pieces when the container becomes empty is the winner. Kayla was very excited to see that one of our new games, the rhyming game, is the same game as was in her classroom last year!

You can connect with Learning Resources via their Learning Resources Facebook , Learning Resources Website ., Learning Resources Twitter , Learning Resources Instagram


  1. I will have to remember them. My LO is still young but this might be something to consider in a year or two.

  2. i will have to get these for my youngest daughter for christmas what a great item

  3. I am so glad they have several different options for this game.

  4. I like that the games have different learning objectives, but all have the same rules. My daughter can focus on the objectives rather than how to play the games.

  5. I like that there are over 1100 different things to choose from.

  6. Anything for learning i love the kids would love playing it

  7. My lil Princess is into the rhyming at this point. That is awesome they turn a lesson into a game. That is so helpful to get a child to want to learn new things.

  8. I think my grand daughter can really learn from these and have fun too.