Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great giveaway at Dear Chrissy's - Kenmore Stand Mixer

have you seen the Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer giveaway on this week?

I happened upon this giveaway by chance, can you believe my luck? I
have desperately wanted one of these - Not only are they gorgeous but
they work fantastic. My parents have been true believers in Kenmore products since I can remember! Yes, of course she has a stand mixer, Yes I am a tad bit jealous I must admit. They cut through hard butter, lard,etc with the greatest of ease. It is a joy to cook or bake with.
All of your product stays in the bowl no splattering like with other
mixers. Your fluff comes out fluffier, your creams come out creamy
Your cookie dough comes out light like the bakery! What cook of any level wouldn't want this Kenmore stand mixer? Well, here is your chance to win one or you can buy one at any Sears location.


  1. Hello, stopping by to follow back from Z's Space Reviews. Thank you so much for the follow and entries in the giveaway!