Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome, I am so glad to see people here!  Thank you for giving me a chance.  I am learning this very slowly.  I do not have a lot of time to put into this, eventually I will.  I am filling out many giveaways, thanks to great blog writers and sponsors.  I have many family birthdays, my parents 50th wedding anniversary, 2 baby showers and 2 graduation parties between March and July.  Due to our income the only way for me to join in on these functions is to win the gifts.  I believe I will be able to.  I kept seeing "if you can't buy it - win it"!  My first win was a child's bracelet from Deal Wise Mommy blog.  I will add something with that adorable bracelet and have a nice gift for my granddaughter's 5th birthday!  I am in charge of the decorations for my parents party.  I plan to watch closely for free (or close to) invitations from somewhere like Vista Prints (I only have to have postcards.)  My son and I have been watching second hand shops for white vases which I will use for the tables.  There are so many ways around spending a fortune on everyday life.  My grocery shopping trip is an example.  My son, 28 was not happy with me when we checked out with 21 jars of Ragu, 21 cans of tomatoes, 7 bags of chicken and 21 packages of PastaRoni. and nothing else.  They were my stack up items for that store and it saved a lot!  I am trying to find a blogger that does match ups for Tops Markets.  That is our main store here.  We have three of them.  Well that is some of how we get by and I enjoy it.  Not much feels better than knowing you have groceries to stretch the whole week because you saved ahead and worked around that to do the weekly shopping.  

Thank you for using your time to read my thoughts and opinions!  Feel free to leave opinions, critiques, ideas or any other comments.  I would love to read them!  Have a great day : )       


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