Thursday, March 24, 2011


                    My youngest child informed me he is seriously thinking of dropping out of school!
I didn't even know what to think or if I could think, talk even breathe for that matter.  The signs       had all been there.  Missing a lot of school, complaining that he couldn't keep up, being sick till
school started, the talk of finding a job but I missed it.  Somehow my intellect had closed out          any  idea that this could be coming.  He has been in special education up until last year when
just took off.  It was surreal.  Test after test he scored better.  Passing state tests needed for a   general ed diploma.  Teachers were even taken by surprise when he passed a state mandated        math regents exam! Wonderful, Right?  In a different state school system maybe.  We soon      
found out this meant he had to pass state tests in EVERY subject to graduate.  This  though
had never been thought about.  The thought of no graduation this year (for him) was
unbelievable.   Senior year is concluded with graduation, this is the way it is suppose to be.
For a 17 year old, a little bit stubborn and well a whole lot spoiled the idea of anything else is
not a possibility.  Another whole school year... he just doesn't think so. 


  1. Hi Gladys, I'm your newest follower, Ashley aka. Shopaholic Mommy! Thanks so much for the follow and I'm here to follow back. I dropped out of High School and I regret it and now that I'm a mother I can kind of imagine more what I put my mother through. I'm so sorry for that. I know it's a stressful time and situation. If you're a religious person, you're in my prayers. :)

  2. Hi again Gladys! I'm so glad you came, joined and commented on my blog! :) We have a lot in common, I do the same, reviews, giveaways and blogging as an extra income. It's tough at times but we're not as bad as some, I'm blessed with the most wonderful parents in the world also. I learned how to blog pretty much just by coming across someones blog one day and seeing what they did. I've always loved to write and wrote a lot through school. I've also loved working on the computer but never had the talent to build websites or draw illustrations. It's been years since I've written anything so I'm really rusty but slowly it's coming back to me. :) What about you? How long have you had your blog? I've only been around since late November of 2010.