Tuesday, August 2, 2011


               When I started my total weight was 54 lbs. less than it is right now!  lol   In 
April 2010 I weighed 382 lbs.  I was waiting to have weight  reduction surgery.  The
Dr said my health wouldn't allow it but that if I lost 50 lbs. he would perform the surgery.
His explanation of the surgery itself scared me!  I decided I would loose the weight on my
own.  Easier said than done - right?  Well so far I have lost 54 lbs. with 78 more to go to
be at what was my goal.  For now it is my goal one pound at a time.  Do I get frustrated?
Of course I do, do I give up heck yes I have them days, even weeks!  I know I have to
get up brush myself off  and start over though.  I have children and grandchildren that need
me to grow old with them.  So I decided to share my journey with anyone patient enough
to follow along.  So Please do, come follow along on my journey all the way to healthy!

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