Thursday, September 8, 2011


My son turned 18 in July and I have been paying the price ever
since! The mouth, the distance, the new found "attitude." How
do the rest of you cope or handle these types of situations? I
just want to ship him off to TV's idea of "Boot Camp" but I know
that isn't the answer. I remember pulling some stunts as my dad
would say around that age. I don't know how my parents kept
their sanity. I should be used to anything kids can throw as
he is the youngest of four but I admit I was caught off guard!
It's like a firm punch in the gut that causes losing one's breath.
I have always chosen to pick my battles with my children but
the battles always came one at a time. This time it went from
Awe my baby bear to where did this Lion come from? It will all
work out in time although the next time I feel I have mastered
something I will leave margin for error.

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  1. Thought I'd come by, and thank you for entering my give-away, and follow you too, but I don't see your followers. Let me know where it's at and I'll come back. I'm a mom to NaNee (that's what I'm called) too. I was made a NaNee at the ripe old age of "38" can ya believe that? 30 freakin' 8! Oh well are all teen-agers brats? Mine are all spoiled brats! Does that help? LOL Have a great weekend & thanks for entering! Good Luck! Oh, and how's your diet going? I'm right along with you & need to lose about 100 lbs. is my goal. Some days are good & most days are bad. I wish I could get that by-pass, but it's much too expensive for me. Maybe we could do something together. Have a great weekend.