Saturday, November 5, 2011


I don't keep my life a secret from many. I live on under $700. per month.
I live in a very old house in need of much repair! The heating costs alone
are scarey therefore, I must make do the best I can. I have 3 sons, a
daughter, son in law, 2 girl friends and 3 grandchildren, bro & sis on my
list! I started with a $10 off $25 coupon for JcPenney, a card from the
the mail for a free pair of Hipsters and a $10 off any item coupon from
Victoria Secrets, a mail coupon for $10 off $25 coupon from BonTon and as
I was leaving I received a $10 off any item at JcPenney from the mail man
as I collected the mail. Which was a great score but meant I had to rethink
my game plan and decided to just hit the clearance racks first. I knew I had
2 of my sons, SIL and brother to to shop for at Penny's and I'd check V.Secrets
for my son's long time girl friend. My best buy of the day was a clearance
rack of jeans for $6, yes "six dollars"! They were the last of that specific
order and they wanted the room. I bought a pair for each of the four (also
not counted in this cash, 3 more pair for my stash)! I bought a couple $2.37
shirts for my niece also for my stash)! Then 2 shirts for $4. and 2 for $5. ea.
My cost at JcPenney (not including items for my stash, not Christmas) = $22.
Jeans 3 pair $18, 1 $4 shirt and 2 $5 shirts = $32. minus $10 off = $22.
Jeans one pair $6, 1 $4 shirt = $10 minus $10 coupon + $0. On my way out I
asked for gift boxes to make them "look" better. At BonTon I purchased a
blanket my other son's girl friend will flip over! Cost $25. and change plus
tax minus the $10 off coupon under $18. Victoria Secret free Hipster's (Reg
$10.50) I know, could you imagine? Also a fancy jar of sparkling body powder
make up $10. minus $10 free coupon $0, not even tax! Total for that trip for
Christmas items just under $40. I will count it as $40. I have bought a box
of tissue $1, hot cocoa $1, to add to an upcycled basket along with winter
medicines won from blog giveaway, 2 cans of soup $1.20, crackers $1, small candle $1.60 altogether a beautiful winter basket (cost $5.80)! So far grand
total is $45.80! My sil really wanted a Scrabble game so I played every
giveaway when Scrabble Flash giveaways were available, luckily I won one!
With his other gifts I will add the personalized flask that I received for
him and my son "B" free through an online offer. Neither drink hard
liquor but these are awsome dresser or desk pieces! Starting last January
has really helped! I won a fantastic prize of a $50 gift card from Executive
Gifts in the spring which I used for a handsome bracelet for one of my sons.
Add with that rings from Tanga GC again won. I have 2 wall sayings picked out
specifically that make gorgeous gifts, once again won throughout the year.
I bought my sister a pair of dress pants at Fashion Bug $14.99 minus a $10
off any purchase coupon = $4.99 no tax. I am not sure why I have received
these $10 off any purchase of $10 or more coupons because I rarely shop. My
theory is because I only shop in their stores once or twice a year they try
for return business, although I am not at all sure. Anyways the total now is
$50.79. I won a Cape and Mask from a great giveaway as well as a $25 GC from
Build A Bear that I used online in their discount section to buy a pretty and
puffy cat for my granddaughter "K" (she absolutely loves all things cats)! The
postage was paid with the GC too but I owed 86 cents total $51.65 (I know I'm
gonna make a simple math mistake here somewhere just because I'm putting this
out there for everyone to read! The Cape and Mask are for grandson "D". I won a
green giveaway for children's blocks which will be the main gift for granddaughter
"L"! They all have a DVD coming they they want and a couple books because that
is the most important gift I feel we can give our children and grandchildren!
My daughter is getting a Propel Tee and a Run like a girl Tee for working out,
a software package for traveling that I won from "Mommy and Me", and beautiful
workout shoes that I won from "Sweeps 4 Bloggers" Oh and 1 more item that I have
managed to keep secret so far. Bahaha I forgot an $11 blanket for my sister and
Tee's I have won. Therefore, unless I missed something I bought, I'm sure I have
left out a few things that I won (on purpose) "surprize's"! My total spent is ...

I would have had 12 to shop for making this even more of a challenge but to this day
my oldest son has nothing as of yet due to the fact he only wants 1 item and it is
$189. I cannot get this for him so until he changes his mind and realized how I shop
he will end up with things out of my stash. Sorry "D" this mama has to be spend

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