Friday, April 20, 2012

Do I lose them all at five?

She lost her first tooth when she turned five. She was so excited! I answered the phone and hear "grandma, grandma my tooth fell out." "Now I have to put it under my pillow tonight." When my first tooth came out I screamed. The neighbor's horses probably went into fight or flight mode! Calmly she explains "it is all fine not too much blood." "O.k. I have to get to bed so the Tooth Fairy can come." The next day I find out the Tooth Fairy has gone up with inflation and now gives a dollar per tooth. Within the next few months I heard just about the same story again and again. She isn't even six yet and all the front 8-10 teeth have came out and some have new ones coming in. I keep wondering why my children's teeth falling out weren't quite this exciting? Maybe because there were four of them or maybe, just maybe because they weren't grand children??

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  1. How cute! My daughter is 5 and hasn't lost a tooth yet. I'm terrified for that moment, she's a huge drama queen and I'm sure it'll be traumatizing for her lol. Love your story!