Friday, July 13, 2012

31 Review and Giveaway

Thirty-One Consultant Brenda Grabowski has what you need! She is even giving an Organizing Utility Tote to one LUCKY reader. Enter to win at the bottom of this review!!

Thirty-One has got your organizational needs covered! You can be organized and travel in style! They carry Totes, purses, luggage, baskets, and more! Plus, you get to choose the pattern that best suits you!! I get excited just thinking about it!

I have met an absolutely wonderful lady, Brenda Grabowski who is a Thirty-One consultant that knows it and has it all! She is the "Go to person" to contact, if you are in need of support, advice, or if you just need to make a purchase!!

What makes it so great to shop with Brenda, is her availability!

You can join her Facebook Group: Brenda Grabowski & 31 Gifts 
Browse her Thirty-One Website
Shoot her an Email  24/7 
Follow her Tweets and Pinterest

She ALWAYS responds back very quickly and is so ready to help!

I am honored to have reviewed MANY items of hers and to let you my opinion of them all!!

Our family goes boating and swimming constantly and we need something that hols everything!! Brenda recommended that we start with an Organizing Utility Tote because it is a nice size plus it has many (7 to be precise) pockets to fill up!

Here is a look at what we packed!
~ 4 towels
~ paper towel roll
~ 3 pairs of sunglasses
~ Boat Key
~ Ipod
~ wipes
~ snacks
~ water cup
~ sun block
~ Zipper Pouch
             and NOOK

Look how it ALL fits perfectly and neatly in the Organizing Tote!! Plus it is easy to carry and looks so stylish and fun!

This is the back side of the tote! I even have room for more stuff, so I stashed in a trash bag!

Here is a picture of the Zipper Pouch! You can see how perfect the size is next to the SunBlock!

When I am not boating or swimming or on the soccer field, I am teaching 5th grade Math!

I HAVE to be organized and I completely stress out if I am not! So, I went out to Staples and bought a plastic file folder holder, file holders (hanging and non-hanging), sharpies, and tons of more school supplies!

Look how GREAT it all looks in my bag!! I can carry everything I need and it is all in one place when I go to grade, plan, or whatever else I need to do! I am not running all over the place looking for something to write with or on, it is all in my bag!!


Just imagine what else you could organize in a bag like this: Bills, Scrapbooking, 2nd business, toys, your car, laundry, graden tools, and the list just goes on and on!!!

Need to run out to a meeting?
This fold and Go is perfect!! It comes with a notepad and pockets to stash a pen and whatever else you may need!

On our long boat trips we grab our personalized "Boat Tote" in addition to our Organizing Utility Tote! Personalization, something else that Brenda can help you do!

For the entire month of July, if you spend $31 or more, you get to pick any of the above for just $5.00!!! That is a GREAT deal!

Also, Personalization during the entire month is just $5.00 (Certainly something to take advantage of)!!

Want to earn Thirty-One stuff for FREE????? Host a party~let Brenda tell you all about the hostess benefits how much fun you'll have hosting a party!

Ask Brenda how you can change your life forever for just $99!!!

How would you like to WIN a FREE Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote??? Brenda is giving one away and you could be the lucky winner!! You will get to pick the pattern that fits your style! Just register below in the rafflecopter!!

Want to hear the Thirty-One story? Watch the video

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