Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keeping Kids Creative Kelly Kits Review

Kelly Kits is a fantastic provider of skills through creative play. They have a subscription program where as kits are sent each month. Each is different and offers creative learning through play. We received the July Kit which was not only fun it also taught positive and negative space. My grandchildren had a great time! Although it was messy, clean up was super easy!
Here is Dylan mixing the paint. With SPD this is a wonderful experience for him. It is also a great self confidence booster. Quite often children with and without disorders need to know there are some things they can do themselves. There was a mess sure, but it cleaned up super easy and he was very excited to tell everyone that he stirred the paint up all by himself! I am a firm believer that each decade children have less to be creative with. Kelly Kits has given some of that right of passage back by offering creative ideas that can be easy or more developed if you go online and read or watch a video on what can be done - learned with each monthly kit.
dylankk He is really into his creative side. He is concentrating on the sponge to be sure the shape comes out where he wants it. For younger children this is a real learning moment. If he turns it one way the painted rectangle will go one way while if he turns it sideways it will go in a total different direction. This may sound very simple but try to think with a 4 year old's mind. Achievements to small children can be very tiny but that is ok as it builds them as a person.
kaylaokkk Kayla starts out a little "neater" but soon lets loose! She enjoys hands on or should I say hands in crafts or art. She also likes very specific detailed things too. I guess we all have different sides of ourselves (I won't tell if you don't) ha ha kayladuringkk Kayla finding her creative side. It was a bit easier for her. She tends to be a lot neater and for awhile I thought maybe them working together would hinder her. Then it became obvious she likes when they do artsy things together because she can let herself just play with no expectations of herself.
Here are some of the available offers from Kelly Kits:

From Their Site:
1.  Monthly Subscription – Sign up for a monthly Kelly kit delivered right to your door!  With a Kelly Kits subscription, you’ll have an all-access pass to fun, educational, and instructional support videos as well as monthly contests and drawings to win cool art stuff!
2.  Gift Packs – Give the gift of art! Kelly Kit gift packs include FIVE art play activities! You’ll get painting, sculpting, drawing, printmaking, and collage activities for TWO CHILDREN all in one gift-pack! Your choice of two super cool Kelly Kit collections.
3.Gift PacksSensory Gift Packs – Our Kelly Kits Sensory Edition Gift Packs are specially designed for children with sensory integration issues. This collection of art play activities focuses on sensory stimulation in art featuring special textures and scents, and it’s GLUTEN FREE! This Kelly Kit gift pack is for everyone and includes enrichment ideas as well as special text dialogue geared toward preparing a sensitive child for a new sensory experience in art!
4.Birthday Party PacksBirthday – What could be easier and more entertaining than a Kelly Kits birthday party!!! These Birthday Party Packs are sold in sets for 8 guests with additional add on options! Make birthdays easy and fun without costing a fortune!

Kelly Kits can be reached at:


  1. Your grandchildren are so darn cute! Excellent creations they made! And what a cool kit!

  2. Looks like the kids had tons of fun!

  3. love the idea of monthly kits to keep the kids learning thru creative play!

    1. Right, monthly kits that you don't have to add to your 'to do' list. I love them!

  4. On your own you could also cut in half and carve out raw potatoes to use as stamps!!! Kids love it. If you have to send packages for the holidays get brown paper, tempera (acrylic paint) and let them decorate away!!!

  5. i would love to receive these as gifts for my kids, i was great about doing artsy activities with my older boys but can't seem to get my butt in gear to do the same with my little ones (11 year age gap)this would be the kick start i need! thanks for the review :)

  6. I just ordered my trial and cant wait for it to arrive.

  7. This is such a great idea - I love that it would be age appropriate for my 3 year old, and I love that they literally come stacked with everything you'd need!