Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our 'Emergency' Trip to the Veterinarian Hospital

My oldest son lives in my apartment above me as I've mentioned .  Sunday night he comes down telling me Dooney has stuff in her eye.  (she is his hand raised cockatiel) like when she last had an eye infection.  No problem he has money saved for her we'll call the vet in the am.  He called the Vet at 8:30, their first available appointment is 2:30.  Hey no problem, he's calm no signs of any freaking out - we're good.  Not even 5 minutes later he comes flying down the stairs yelling "she is bleeding everywhere"!  I get him calmed down enough to tell me that Dooney is bleeding from her eye and it is all over her.  I looked and sure enough he's right.  He said she was rubbing her eye on her perch.  We called back and were seen within' the hour.   A mere 45 minutes and almost $200. later we brought her home with 2 kinds of medicine and lots of instructions.  My son set his alarm for every 6 hours and after 10 days she is much better and my son is determined if children need that much attention he will never have any!  To
that I say to myself - yea, right!  If that were all mother's had to go through in the life of a child we'd all
be sane, calm, and bored.


  1. ddne that ere but it ws my dog they all ay were running in the yard and fell in whle ad then ttised his leg well the dog as stull pup and to t to the vlet but my bf ws pickig up acar so i tld him thesog on the flor heat pad the dog ws black and he came in and fell ver him and ten te dog look at him hey dmmy i hurt

  2. Sounds scary! Glad this had a happy ending.