Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rump Arounds Sponsor Spotlight

Rump Arounds is a amall home based Canadian Cloth Diaper Company
that provides high quality, unique designs created to fit all
your child`s needs!

From Them:
The EcoRump Bamboo Pocket Diaper:

Our "EcoRumps" are an amazing One Sized Pocket Diaper!
Check out one of our Original, one of its kind modules
created strictly by and for Rump Arounds! With a 4 rise
snap setting, adjusts from XS, Small, Medium, large
permitting the diaper to be used from true birth weight
6.5lb up to 40lbs dependent on body frame. Are washable,
adjustable, ecofriendly, wallet friendly & easy to use

-2 x rows of 10 snaps across waist for size adjustment.
-4 snaps per wing & 2 over snaps for size adjustment &
extra protection against leakage and drooping of wings.
-4 rise snap setting, adjusts from XS, Small, Medium, large
-"Snap wrap" feature, just roll up like a disposable and
snap closed until ready to wash.
-Double gussets for extra barrier protection.
-Include 1 x 100% Bamboo (3 layer) Insert each
- TPU laminate Outer shell, waterproof to prevent leaking
& do away with diaper covers!
-100% Bamboo Soft Inner Fleece, extremely gentle against
babies skin while keeping baby dry.
Stretchy & Soft around legs and waist

I must admit this sounds like an amazing cloth diaper! I
love the dual gussets, wing snaps, size variations, the
bamboo inner fleece and the "snap wrap" feature already!

Here are a few of the different colors (there are many more.)

Rump Around's carries much more than just cloth diapers. They
have wetbags, cloth wipes, changing pads, 100% wool dryer balls
and mini diaper cakes!

You can reach Rump Arounds at:

Face book - HERE
Their site - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Rump Arounds is giving one of you lucky ladies an EcoRump 100%
Bamboo Pocket Diaper with Free Shipping. Is that fantastic or what?

I'd like to thanks Rump Arounds for sponsoring a prize in our
Flufftastic Event!

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  1. id love to try these i love how they have bamboo and cross over snaps!

  2. I love the green color and the ability to roll it up.

  3. I love that these diapers have a 4 snap rise setting!

  4. This looks like a great diap, and I love the colors!

  5. I love the bright colors and I love the fact that they are bamboo! I always love natural fibers in my cloth stash!

  6. Wow, this diaper has one more row of rise adjustment then most one size diapers. I'd like to see that in action. :)