Monday, August 6, 2012

The Fluffy Elephant Sponsor Spotlight

I have found the place for the cutest. diapers. EVER. The Fluffy
Elephant has such gorgeous diapers and diaper covers you would
not believe! When I came across this shop I was in awe. So cool
is the owner and let me just say she has found her art! WOW
Here a couple examples of her work:

Isn't this just the most adorable? I luv it...
Or this one with little giraffes!

The Tie Dye - how gorgeous is this?

Please keep in mind that my starry eyed little model is tall and slender.
She has no butt, which she will be very thankful for later! In the mean
time all her diapers are droopy. She was so thrilled with her new diaper
cover that she demanded big girl undies, which really make her butt look tiny. This cover is truly beautiful. The pictures do not do it the justice
it so deserves! I have never seen a more gorgeous diaper or cover truly eVeR!

She makes many kinds of custom diapers and covers. Many fabrics, prints,
embroidery and appliques. She also has already made of both in her shop.
This was made with pull inside and hidden snaps as to avoid skin contact.
I only found one fault with this diaper cover. It is so adorable my
granddaughter has no problem lifting her dress to show the world ;~) HA.

She is also adding fitted diapers and training pants to her stock and/or
will custom make. Also she is great at making lots of other things such as:
Ibsen, t-shirts, pillow cases, blankets, just ask if she can do it she
probably will. I found her to be very accommodating!

You can get in contact with The Fluffy Elephant:
On Face book HERE
At her shop HERE

One of you lucky ladies will win a custom made pocket, AIO or cover up to $24!
How friggen' awesome is that! You'll get to pick just like I did, SWEET.

I'd like to thank The Fluffy Elephant for being wonderful to work with and
of course for making me the Coolest Cover EVER!


  1. I love that elmo diaper it is so cute. I love that she makes other things too. Definitely would be cute to get a matching diaper and tshirt

  2. I do like the custom work she does on her diapers. It is good to know that she would sew other things for people, too. I know before I started sewing it was hard to find people who would do it for a reasonable amount of money.

  3. I have entered just about every giveaway she has had. I would love to try one of these diapers. Love that Animal diaper she did the beginning of July!!

  4. I like the Girly dino pocket diaper!

    -Hannah Avery

  5. These diapers are so cute and so unique, I love them all!

  6. Good to know about their hidden snaps, btw she looks cute

  7. I love her animal diapers! So unique and cozy! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill

  8. I love the custom embroidery and it looks so soft. Good to know you love it too!!!

  9. She has so many cute things! I love the sesame street diapers!

  10. How cute are these diapers?! The Love Bug diaper is my favorite :)

  11. so sweet!!! i love the minky & the gorgeous prints!! i love the big bird diaper!! :)

  12. the minky sesame street dipes have got to be the cutest thing ever.

  13. These diapers are absolutely adorable!! I love all the designs, and the idea of the hidden snaps. Even though I am past my days of needing diapers for kids, I think these would make wonderful baby gifts for any new moms!

  14. OMG, ELMO IS ADORABLE!!! (Yes, I'm shouting.)

  15. these are so adorable i love the elephant and elmo

  16. That custom embroidered Cupcake diaper is so adorable!

  17. I love how unique these diapers are. I do not own any custom diapers but would love to add one to my stash! What a cute shop :)

  18. Oh my goodness her stuff is so cute and unique. I love the Oscar the grouch diaper!

  19. That cupcake diaper is so cute! I love the elephant one on the giveaway page too. So much fun!

  20. I love her customs. I just love customs period but hers are amazing!

  21. Cute little model! I would love to try one of these!