Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Photo A Day

One of my favorite things in life is the feeling I get from having grandchildren. I have three. This is the oldest, Kayla. She is on her way to the bus right at the edge of their yard. It is Her first day of first grade. To me she is the most beautiful girl, I think all grandparents feel this way! She just turned six. I wish she could stay little forever. She has two siblings a brother 4 and and baby sister, well not a baby for much longer. Such joy comes from seeing their faces. There smiles, their newly learned expressions, her lost and growing in teeth. This is the closest I will ever get to fixing mistakes I made with her mom Treating my grandchildren like I look back and wish I had mothered my children. I wasn't a bad mother because I didn't know, I have learned so much since then. I don't ever give my grandchildren candy or sugar instead it is hugs and kisses! Quite the lesson our grandchildren can be. Also such joy as you've never felt. My grandchildren lost their other grandma at 47 years young. That taught me so much. You see she doesn't get their hugs and kisses nor their "your my best grandma" hugs and they don't get all she had to offer. What a loss to them all. I think I'll close this now and pray - God needs to be thanked for all the blessings he's given me. Check out the other bloggers participating below !


  1. My husbands mother died at 45. He has an older brother that had two children before she died so she was a grandma. She just never got to meet our children. It makes it hard on mothersday and when the anniversary of her death roll around. I just pray that my mom stays around long enough to spoil them enough for two grandmas!

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  3. Children and grandchildren are certainly blessings, aren't they?