Thursday, September 27, 2012

Educational Insights Play Foam Review

My grandchildren think I'm the greatest thing next to their mom and dad thanks to Play Foam by Educational Insights. They luv, luv this great creative stuff! They have had it well over a month and it still gets a "YEAH" when it comes out of the cupboard. They have no restrictions except no water play - we don't want soaked kids running through the house while one of the others chase them with water. Other than that we told them to "GO FOR IT" and that they did!

Educational Insights has some of the most outstanding creative learning and educational learning "toys" and "games" I have ever seen. The great folks atEducational Insights let me choose any item to review. The Play Foam caught my attention because like Play Doh it can be very creative play but unlike Play Doh it doesn't stick to everything, dry out and disappoint!

I have 3 grandchildren who are at a perfect age for Play Foam. They each play a little different, create a little different and have creative outcomes of their own. To me that is wonderful! Every individual is different in many ways than the next. If not we would have a world full of doctors with no one to heal, or a world full of carpenters with no one to build for, maybe even all movie producers and no actors or actresses. That sounds real boring to me, how about you? I didn't even hit on the biggest reason for choosing the Play Foam and that is it's ability to be manipulated creatively into so many different objects. Leah made a ball, a bowl and cake in the beginning (can you tell it was close to her birthday?) Dylan made a Spongebob, grass, and a truck. Kayla made jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets(you may see them in the last pictures taken.) Of course each was "their version" of the object they created. After a few times of playing with the Play Foam they began coming up with more creative things. You will see my granddaughter with a 'half eaten' sandwich. I would have never thought of that! "It was tuna and I didn't like it" "Leah can have it eww." She said. Now where did that come from? Not from parents or school, from tapping into her creative mind. Play Foam allowed her to do that, it was the tool she used to find that creativity! Hearts and Flowers this piece is called (and a scared girl momentarily thinking if she could not see then no one else could.)

After Kayla's first picture she was fine as always wanting in all the photo's. I won't take up your time with a lot of the pictures but their are a few I want to share. Not the cutest but the ones demonstrating the creativity of Play Foam. I think children need to learn in many different ways and one of the big ones is creativity. This is great for preschooler's on up. Heck, I'm old as dirt or so I say when one of the children ask and I had a good ole time. Making something then squishing it down just to make something else again.

I don't know if she was playing along or was really going to bite into that piece of "tuna sandwich" but I intervened in either case! They have had countless hours of creative play from that eight count pack. They still do, yes all the colors are mixed together but it is just as good as always. It hasn't dried out or cracked apart in the last month. I pick up their creations and stick them in a bag, in the cupboard for next time they want some creative play.

Dylan has SPD. For those of you that aren't familiar - the disorder causes a lot of sensory issues. He has an awful gag reflex as well as certain textures feel different to him. This is just a tip of the disorder but I want you to know how this fits in. One of the activities to do with SPD children is associate them with new textures. Teach them to be comfortable in the world around them. Dylan had no problem with the feel of Play Foam! In fact he had every bit as much fun as the others!

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  1. That looks like a great toy for children of all ages! They can really use their creativity with it and have fun. Thanks for the review!

  2. I already know from knowing my kids, that this would be a great hit for my younger niece and nephews, thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks so fun! Maybe a good Christmas present?

  4. this play foam is really neat! The kids do get so creative with it, and to know that after a month it still gets a "yeah" is good to know!! It would be a good stocking stuffer!