Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exact Change Continuum Game Review


I have tried a couple of Continuum Games and we like them all. This one helps learn to count change. My grandson was a bit confused with it until I helped him. He is four. My granddaughter on the other hand is six and she understood the concept completely! The game uses cards to learn to count the change. Dylan didn't really understand or except that theory. I have given them change since they were born first for their piggy banks then as they grew older to count etc. I always give them a baggy full on Halloween. I'm not a candy grandma. I want them to have every advantage. With Exact Change if the child is old enough to realize it is the same but written on cards they will love this game! Exact Change does state for ages 6+ but my grandson wanted involved also so we found a way!

Each player tries to play each of their cards so that all of their cards are gone first. The person that succeeds in playing all of his/her cards first gets to put money in the bank. The first player to reach two dollars in the bank is the winner! If only two dollars were the goal in life, right? I feel this game would be great for a few close aged friends or for a family game night with an older brother, sister, mom or dad helping the younger ones! This would be a great game to have packed with camping necessities or an overnight bag.

We have also tried GAMES ON THE GO a wonderful game to pack in your handbag, desk, glove compartment, picnic basket or suit case! It is full of games that can be played any place. In the car, while camping, on vacation, on a plane, at a Dr. appointment, at a sibling's sports practice - just about any where! Very easy to take along as it is no bigger than a deck of cards! My daughter, son in law and grandchildren used it quite often while on vacation during the many hours of driving.

A BIT ABOUT FAMILY GAMES AND CONTINUUM GAMES Continuum Games, Inc. is a privately owned company with a mission to bring families together through exciting new game concepts that appeal to all generations of game players. First formed by Greg and Niki Hughes in 2007, the company has grown from a small game manufacturing company into a full service game publishing company, distributor and consulting firm. Continuum Games publishes its own line of award winning family games, educational games, party games and travel games and also serve as a distributor to the BEST in class games from independent manufacturers.

In February 2011, Continuum Games joined forces with Around the Table Games, creators of the award winning Family Talk series of products. Around the Table Games founder Beth Daniels has a shared mission to create products that draw families together and appeal to the needs of today’s busy families. Both Greg and Beth are parents who bring a Mom and Dad perspective to the games and products that they create.

In May 2011, Greg, Beth and the team of 3 Creative Design Group joined forces to form Continuum Consulting. Continuum Consulting provides assistance to new and experienced toy, game and novelty product inventors. They help new inventors figure out just how to launch a new game idea or new product concept. The team knows firsthand the challenges that are involved in bringing a product to market as well as the potential rewards associated with a well executed product launch. The goal is to offer a continuum of services to new and experienced inventors to help guide decision making, avoid common pitfalls, and create the best possible pathway to success.

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  1. Love this concept and game. My grandson is 6 and learning about buying things. It is so important that kids learn about how to make change and be responsible with money while at the same time they're kids and need to spend on toys and have fun learning. This game seems to combine all of that. Also, like that the goal is $2.00 instead of the thousands of dollars in some games.