Saturday, September 15, 2012

BARRON'S Educational Series Review

I reviewed 8 books from Barron's Educational Series, each one more delightful than  the last.  I had a very good time as did the children creating their little hearts out with stencils, stickers, magnets and  more.  The books we reviewed were: "Jungle" (a wipe clean) pre school book, "Fun With Words" (a wipe clean) pre school book, "Fun With Numbers" (a wipe clean) pre school book, and "Toddler Treasury",

Also The Dragons Creativity Book, The Fashion Tweens Creativity Book, The Superstar Creativity Book and last but definitely not least ART Creativity Book. You know how sometimes your child only wants to look at a book one time unless your reading it? This is just not so with the Barron's Educational Series of Creativity Books! They are really fun and the children ask for them often. When they are getting wound up here I allow one toy each so that they can calm themselves. You guessed it, they more often than not want their Creativity Book by Barron's. They are just so entertaining especially for the four and six year old. I was surprised myself at just how much they enjoyed their books!

It was after school so they had already eaten their snack and let their hair down, literally. Kayla is not happy with her hair. "You coulda told me we were doing pictures before I took it down or something, grandma." I just wanted normal reactions. No forced smiles or "I don't want my picture today" - they copy uncles more than parents sometimes! I guided them to age appropriate books and they each selected one. O.k. Leah took two "one ater gama." I put it back once she got involved. I've found even more than one child at a time can be a distraction. Leah enjoyed her "Toddler Treasury" most after the others had went to play. She climbed up beside and half on me (you mom's and grandma's know what I mean) to hear me read hers. She helped at first but then became quiet, a big sign she hadn't had her nap yet! Cinderella was her favorite. I should have known her being the Girly Girl of the family. I love that the pictures have the word right next to them. This is an awesome book for introducing children to reading. She was able to stay involved for a long time, looking at pictures and so forth. It really is a wonderful book for toddlers. She just turned 2.

The Fun With Letters and Fun With Numbers Books, as Dylan has in the picture, ask relevant questions then have a place for the child to answer. The special pens and books allow any writing to be wiped off for future use. If they make mistakes no worries, you don't have to scribble out the wrong answer. Just wipe it clean and they can continue as they were. Is that great or what? Dylan was counting along with the pictures all by himself it really encourages them to be involved.

Kayla is putting a sticker in the ART Creativity Book. She absolutely loves this book. There are different activities for her such as stickers, stencils, a 'how to' on drawing, and art related games. Within these books there are other activities as well. Dylan's has magnets that belong to certain places and examples to count with. I cannot wait to see the Christmas additions of Barron's Educational Series! Three months and counting, I think these books would make marvelous gifts for any occasion or for just no reason at all!

Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

A Bit About Barron's From Barron's Site that I think you will find interesting!

Founded in 1941, Barron’s Educational Series is world-renowned**** as America’s leading publisher of test preparation guides, college guides, foreign language learning guides, and general learning materials for students of all ages, from pre-school to adult. In addition to its extensive list of educational books and resources, Barron’s is also a leading publisher of books in the following areas: children’s books, pet care, crafts and hobbies, cooking, art instruction, business, gift books, careers, parenting, new age, and film. With more than 2,400 titles available, Barron’s offers an array of informational and entertaining books that will meet almost any need.

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  1. I love books that are interactive! Great for my little guy!

  2. This is a good review for educational books. My grandson love the interactive book alot. We read every day ,a couple of books.. I think it is important to read to our children even before they can actually read. I'm always on the look out for new books to put on the bookshelve for the grandkids.

  3. They are such nice big books to stretch out with! My kids all loved books so much, so now it's my job to make sure the grandkids get connected with them too...especially when here. (We have two here 4 days a week, and the one is live-in). they are already so absorbed in reading and are not even ONE yet. I just love that!
    The Toddler Treasury would be perfect to gift all three of our little ones!

    Since this is my first real visit on your blog, I have to say those kids are all darlings! Especially the One for ater gama'. LOL.

    The wipe of educational ones? Brilliant!

  4. i get the kid i to reading and then i lovve book that tell storys i like the color of the page would tell you

  5. This looks like such a great bunch of books - something like this would be perfect for my preschooler. I like how the special pens allow you to wipe it clean!