Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keeping Kids Creative Faber Castell TEXTURE PAINTING SET review

The product we reviewed is from Faber Castell. Faber Castell has many smaller companies as well. We will only be discussing the one product we reviewed from Faber Castell it's self, although I encourage you to check out their many other artistic products. My cousin will be going to an art school after finishing her time in the military. I have found many great items she would enjoy now and then!

We received the Faber Castell Young Artist "TEXTURE PAINTING SET" to review. This was a great choice for the two of them. They both enjoyed themselves and really got into what they were doing! Dylan was more wanting to check each piece out to see what it did when he first started to paint. Kayla took her time with each individual one. Checking out what it did and how it could fit into her plans. Both were very curios as to the different designs each piece made and they came up with very different ways to explain what each instrument looked like when applied and what it could be used for. Of course two years age difference made a huge impact in how they painted and what their final artwork came out to be.

Above is a picture of everything that was included in the Texture Painting Set:
5 Texture tools
5 Paints blue, yellow, red, black and white
A dish to put the paint into
and instructions (the thing you try to read as the children dive for the pieces to begin HA.
I found this Texture Painting Set perfect for Dylan's SPD. He could feel each of the tool's extended piece. Each was different and that is a great experience for him. He could test the feel of the ways the rubber like material ends were different from each other then the different ways they made the paint look. I would suggest this set for anyone with children. Fun is great but when you can mix that fun with creativity that keeps their minds active it is even that much better. I am a firm believer that as each decade goes by our children and grandchildren have less ability to be creative unless we, the adults in their lives really pay attention to that area of play.

I love Kayla's alien look! It was like "Mom, really? Get that camera out of my face and keep Dylan from mixing the paint - but I want to finish painting so I won't say what I'm thinking."  Two years doesn't seem like much but those of you that are mothers know it can make such a large impact when dealing with siblings!

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  1. This looks so fun! I'd really like to get one for my son!

  2. This looks like so much fun, forget letting my daughter play with it, I want to play with it!

  3. This looks really fun!! I wanna try it too

  4. This looks like a really great set, I would love for my daughter to get this so she can get messy with it but have tons of fun!

  5. My son would love these! He loves to paint and I think the different textures would be great for him to learn how to use different things to paint with!

  6. These textured tools are so neat! I haven't seen a set quite like this one before. My 3yr old would LOVE this! We do crafts every single day ... there is no way he would let me get out of it! Lol. This looks like it would bring a much welcomed sprucing up to paint time! Cool! Thanks for the review :) P.S. I love the way Dylan looks so thoughtfully concentrated on what he's doing. Reminds me of my little man ;)


  7. Wow! Its so good to see the focus on how important art is for the develpoement of children! And so many textures to paint with!