Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leah's 2nd Birthday Party

Leah turned two while life was flying by as it often does. For her though it was the most exciting two hours she can remember. The 'whole birthday cake' that to her had to be overwhelming! All the guests and eventually all the birthday gifts. It makes me wonder what these little ones really think about such events? They start out a little confused I'm sure but then it turns to fun. Don't forget the "don't touch it yet, let me get a picture" and such sayings. Make a wish and blow out the candles (full of fire that they are always told not to touch and stay away from.) At two probably told "GET AWAY FROM THAT FIRE" if you live in the country and have bond fires or in the city a with a fire pit. Now though, they are being told to blow at the fire, put their face down towards it and blow hard. It has to be so very confusing.

Their safe person is always there though. Mommy is always within eye sight but then there is the time that she isn't. Oh, no it's time to panic.  "Daddy where are you? Can I see you from here? Ah, there is sissy and daddy whew"!

"Hey, I don't know what's happening but I like it! Mommy gave me some of that yummy cake and even a juice box. I never get juice boxes! Mommy says they are full of sugar but today I have one. Nobody is even trying to trade it for milk. I don't drink milk from a cow. I tried that for a few weeks (only a little to ween me from breast milk) but it made me very sick. Now I get special milk just for myself"! When I get bigger I'll know it was flavored water in my juice box, for now I'm just happy to have it.

"Grandma used me to get a picture of Uncle David. I won't understand this though until I grow up and someone points out to me that the only pictures of Uncle David are secretly taken. He is the one in our family who will not let any pictures be snapped of him. He thinks he is ugly but it is his disorder thinking as he is a tall good looking man of 29. Someday I'll understand how much he loves me when I find out he doesn't like groups of people, it makes him very nervous and uncomfortable but he never misses my or my brother's or sister's birthday parties."

At the conclusion of two hours and twenty one minutes. Leah is exhausted and there is no confusion about what she thinks or wants. She simply wants to snuggle with mommy and go to sleep like any other typical day. So what do you think? Do they enjoy parties and such or do the mommies? Do they get confused, sometimes tense at what's happening or is it all just a big blast of fun? Of course I don't know and I am just as guilty (if there is any guilt to be had) for planning big events around my children starting at their one year birthday. We all do it, well the majority of us moms. Tell me what you think!


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  2. I remember both children's 2 year old party. The same with my granddaughter's 2 year old party. What must they be thinking. The blue icing was good though!