Monday, September 24, 2012

Nana's Pants By Betsy Review

Look at the back of these diapers! So Cute and just in time for Halloween! There are many different designs, She even has Christmas designs out already. I absolutely love the "Grinch." she also has a "shine with the light of Jesus" with a pumpkin design which is absolutely adorable.

I received the I Love My Mummy diaper, it is just perfect for the upcoming days before Halloween and even for awhile after. Actually we'll probably keep it right in our stash. Leah loves it! Nana's Pants By Betsy makes even more designs, you should check them out her links are below.

Each diaper ordered comes with a tri-fold flannel lined insert made of Zorb, designed for maximum absorbancy.
Update: Now all inserts are Zorb II !!
We have had no leaks or other problems and it is Leah's go to diaper. She just loves having a cute bum design, part of her fashionista personality!

Each diaper fits 13 pounds to 30 pounds. We're at 26 so it will go to 30 trimly. If this weren't a seasonal diaper I'd like to see a second snap at the front waist closure. I think it would just add expense to add it for a diaper to be used a few weeks or month.

Below you can see how trim fitting this diaper is. Almost as trim as a disposable. I really like that. As her pants start to get smaller waist wise they will still fit this diaper. Although I have a feeling she'll be wearing a lot of dresses to prevent her from taking her pants off to show her "Mummy." I guess at this stage of the game as long as she leaves her "Mummy" on her mommy will be happy. lol I think she's nearing the potty training stage.

Connect with Nana Pants by Betsy:

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  1. These diapers are adorable!!! The I love my Mummy one is perfect for us!!!

  2. Creative!! I will probably let my baby wear these year round ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh these are so cute! I wish these were around when my daughter was a baby.

  4. I love these! My daughter's birthday is the week before Halloween so I think I need a cute diaper for her to wear!

  5. I absolutely love the Halloween them!!! I love how trim they are as well

  6. Adorable. And I like how trim they are.

  7. These are too cute. I'm getting into the CD scene and this would be a great first diaper to have

  8. These diapers are soooo adorable! I would love that "I love my mummy one"

  9. I love these! I would love to get the "I love my Mummy" one for my 10 month old.

  10. I love this diaper. I love Noah's Ark!!