Saturday, September 8, 2012

Philips Norelco (do it yourself) Clipper Review

Philips Norelco (do it yourself) Clippers Review

Philips Norelco has came up with a set of clippers that are fantastic! My oldest son only wears his hair one way, always. It is part of his disorder. He pays $15. every 6 weeks or so. Of course when he asked if he could try the clippers I let him. What could it possibly hurt it was almost time for him to get his hair shaved anyway! He used the Philips Norelco pretty much with ease. He was a little too careful around his ears so I did them when he was finished. He also didn't do his sideburns. The rest of his hair looked fairly awesome! He has a couple places where practice will come in handy but nothing horrible. Now if my special son could do that great imagine what you could do with a practice or two?
This is everything that comes with The Philips Norelco cut your own hair clippers!
My grandson wants his hair like daddy's. Daddy keeps his cut pretty short as he likes to look presentable and set a good example for his employee's. We had so much fun with my grandson's hair. The Philips Norelco clippers turned and glided exactly where we needed them to go with ease. I really love their 180% rotating head.
The Philips Norelco do it yourself Clippers are the best thing I've seen in home hair care for many years! They even give you the choice of corded or no cord - isn't that wonderful? My son could easily twist any way with no cord to get stuck, twist or stop him from moving. With my grandson it was so nice if he wiggled or squirmed there was no cord to get in the way. It has a 60 minute charge. That is long enough for any haircut. There are also many lengths to choose from 1mm to 30mm. There is an adjustable Zoom Ring to easily set certain lengths. That is very handy!
Another great attachment is the precision trimmer for sideburns. Not too long, not shaved off but just the way you want them.Cleaning is a piece of cake with these Philips Norelco Clippers. Simply run them under the water in any sink for a good thorough cleaning. Do you or your partner spend a lot of time in motel rooms waiting for meetings? Pack this set of clippers and freshen your hair any time. We didn't have any problems with the blades or combs they were very user friendly. One of the really nice things about these clippers are that we don't have to use messy oil with them, EVER! Lastly the blades are self sharpening so you'll get an awesome cut every time! Oh and don't let me forget the charging light. The light indicates when your battery needs changed so you can make sure you are always prepared. Philips Norelco can be reached : Their face book page:


  1. I would love to try something like this! We have 3 boys who constantly need haircuts and I want to save some money! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill

  2. I love that the blades are self sharpening.

  3. I always cut my husband's hair, and these would be some great new clippers to try.

  4. Both of my sons are in dire need of a haircut so they look human again so I would love to win this!

  5. My husband always cuts his own hair but I have to cut my brother's hair. My clippers are very old and I am in need of some new ones.