Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some secrets aren't meant to be kept

Sometimes secrets are kept so that we may deny a problem or existence, these are the secrets that truly need to see the light of day! Do you know anyone that you feel would be so much better served if he/she would share their problem (secret) rather than hide behind it? I am one of those people and I hide it from all my online friends very well. I am obese, very obese so much so that when combined with my COPD I live in a wheel chair. There is no walking for me, no chasing my grandchildren, no shopping on Black Friday - I know, you'd think I'd find a solution just for that, right? Nothing seems important enough to starve for. Oh, I've started a time or 10. Just to give in and tell myself "you know you can't do it"! Well, this 48 soon to be 49 year old woman has a lot of life left and a lot left to live for. Therefore, I am here to say GAME ON! Of course I waited 3 weeks into this healthy eating plan to post this (as I have this little voice of Satan saying) "OH, NO YOU CAN'T FAT LADY, REMEMBER THOSE OTHER TIMES YOU TRIED? WHY YOU GONNA GO AND EMBARRASS YOURSELF LIKE THAT WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR GONNA FAIL"?  SO, IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO TRY TO LOOSE WEIGHT OR EVEN GAIN WEIGHT PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! The last time I was weighed was 4 months ago and I weighed in at 346. That was before 3 birthday parties and I don't know how many card or movie nights!

This healthy eating plan (diet) is nothing new or miraculous. It is simply low carbohydrates. Lean meat and vegetables with some fruit mixed in for good measure. If your perfect you can add some carbohydrates after two weeks an example would be whole grains (watch the portions)but if you eat the fruit like I do or have a treat now and again like I do every two weeks it is best to just stay right on the low carbohydrate diet. I'm not a Dr. or medical person of any kind so of course if you would like to try this please consult your physician first. It is always best to be on the safe side! I have such meals as 90/10 burger with taco seasoning mix added. Then I add lots of spinach, romaine, banana ring peppers and tomatoes. No dressings of any kind for me. If I need something for meat I add mustard or 2 tablespoons of steak sauce, it doesn't have the sugar of ketchup. Lean pre-boiled (because it boils out the fat) ham made into boiled dinner minus the potatoes is yummy, chicken breast with seasoning and a huge salad with no dressing or cheese, scrumptious. Any lean meat with a big side of broccoli and a sweet potato no topping also delicious. A morning breakfast of scrambled eggs with any vegetables. Even splurge with a little shredded cheese on top. Skim milk, coffee and water are my drink selections. They say 8 fluid ounces of water, 8 times a day is awesome, I try. I'd love to hear your comments and or tips just leave them below.


  1. You can do it mama! You have been doing great for the last few weeks. Just dont stop

  2. I just wanted to offer up my encouragement. My fifth baby just turned 1 year old. The day that I went to see my midwife, about 5 weeks into my pregnancy, I was 354lbs. The three or four months previous to that, I was having a lot of medical issues and we suspected that I was in the beginning stages of developing diabetes. My midwife sent me for a glucose test THAT DAY. I failed and was transferred to a high risk doctor for my care. I started the diabetic diet a week later. Maximizing proteins and minimizing carbs. I lost 40 pounds during my pregnancy and have kept it off for a year now WITHOUT EXERCISING. And the best part is, is that I passed my post-pregnancy glucose test. I still have to be VERY careful what I eat. Before that though, I have NEVER lost a pound of my pregnancy weight from any of my pregnancies. I'm still packing around the 60lbs that I put on in my first pregnancy. My body has seen the effects of 'too much weight' already though. My knees are horrible, some days I can barely walk and my left one constantly wants to give out on me. My back is always hurting, I have bulging I get it. But strictly for the weightloss sense, you can make a major change in your eating habits and lose some weight! I've stuck with several of the changes that I had to make and I feel a lot better because of it! Good Luck!

    1. Thanks for all of the encouragement! It really helps to see that other people of my size and little ability for exercise are able to loose and keep off their weight. I truly appreciate your comment!
      Gladys The Grandma in Mom To Grandma

  3. I've realized that one thing that helps is to eat raw (like fruits and veggies), snack healthily throughout the day (this will help you from eating too much at once during meals), and make things homemade as much as possible. This includes condiments and the like (you'd be surprised at how easy it is and a lot healthier too---no preservatives!!)

  4. Keep up the good work! You can do it!

  5. Hey at least you're doing something about it.. Sounds like you're on the right track.. I wish you all the luck int he world!