Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work, Here I Come

'Going to work' hasn't been in my vocabulary for seven years! First was baby number one, two years later baby number two, then two years later baby number three. Don't get me wrong I loved being able to be a SAHM. I wouldn't give up those seven years for anything and I'm still not, not really. My training will be full time, all different shifts for two weeks. We are on day three and all is well. Daddy gets Kayla and Dylan off to school then entertains Leah until Dylan comes home. They have lunch then Leah's nap. By now it is time for daddy to go to work and Uncle Bobby takes over until I arrive home (about 2.5 hours.) They don't seem to miss me and it does make me a little sad but of course I'd rather they are happy and content. Uncle Bobby plays like a child so fun is to be had by all! Four of the 10 days I will work second shift. There will be easy meals, pajamas and bedtime stories laid out to make it easier. I do wonder how far they will push him when it comes to bedtime. They're real good at pushing bedtime but aren't all children? Luckily two of the nights will be Fridays so if they do stay up a little late it'll be just fine.

The children missing me was one of my biggest concerns but so far so good. They seem almost as exciting about this new routine as I am. When the training is over I will work only Saturday and Sundays, maybe a few holidays like New Years Eve as that means nothing to me. Making a nice meal New Years Day however, does. Daddy is home on Saturdays and Sundays so this works out perfectly. I get some time away from home and a special little world of my own while daddy gets to spend time with his three most favorite people in the world. Playing, watching Disney Movies or hanging out over canned ravioli and ice cream *shudder* but they deserve some just daddy time too. A day or two a week without mommy breathing down his neck making sure everything is done perfectly, after all that wouldn't be true daddy time would it?

I believe those 20 hours a week will help me appreciate more all the time I have with my children. As well as appreciate all the long hours my husband puts in as supervisor where he works. I may, just may, even have a tad more respect for the money he works for day in and day out but lets not tell him that, ok? *Wink* I know the children with both enjoy the time they have with daddy and maybe even miss a little of the time we have together making it just a bit more special when we do have the time, which will be almost as often!

So what do you think? Please express your opinions after all I write for you to read and feel part of us. Below is a picture of the children on Uncle Bobby's watch... They don't miss a thing!

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