Thursday, October 25, 2012

Frecklebox Review and Upcoming Giveaway

Are you looking for extra special items for your child or grandchild this holiday? I have the place for you.  Frecklebox must have had children, parents and grandparents on their mind when they selected such cool products for their shop! I am so in love with some of the great gifts available at Frecklebox!. They carry coin banks, lunch boxes and canvas wall art just to mention a few!

Freckle Box has many unique items for the young or young at heart! Everything can be personalized and that is the icing on top! As a grandmother I want my grandchildren to have the best of everything, I have a feeling I'm not alone! Fun is one of the things I look for in a product. Rather it be for play or for use such as these place mats.  I need to find fun items. No problem with my choices from Freckle Box! My grand children really liked them, smiles all around, once we were done with the pictures and on to breakfast that is! Leah, my youngest granddaughter just turned two. She thought grandma was being unky (junky) for making her hold her turtle to face me. Where she came up with junky I'm not sure but at least I wasn't being called bad, naughty or mean like I remember saying as a child! She wanted to "ook at me urdle." So that she did the second I seen the picture was passable.

Dylan loves firetrucks, always has. I believe it started as a captivation with red. Slowly turning into something he felt really comfortable with. You know how once parents see that children like something they get them many in different sizes and shapes? Yes, grandparents too! Every single one is pointed out like at the parade, fire stations or the fair. He also is at the stage where he is infatuated with seeing his name. I felt so guilty for showing him his name on a necklace (I was looking at them for a gift idea) that I was considering buying him one just to hang on the wall. No joking I felt so bad after showing it to him. He really wanted it. I had to tell him how only girls wear them like mommy and his sisters even that almost didn't work! Imagine how much he loved his two favorite things together! He loves his place mat.

Kayla started the first grade this year and they really have homework! If they don't mommy gives her just a bit to keep in the rhythm of day to day learning. I try hard to find things that make learning just a little more fun as you can tell by my recent giveaways. Freckle Box has the most awesome choices for notebooks and having her name on the front adds that something extra to make it more fun. She's more than happy to write her spelling words 5 times each - even the ones she already knows. Hee hee

You'll love the choices and styles at Frecklebox! If you'd like more information or just to browse click below:

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  1. These are such unique items, and I love how they are all personalized.