Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What a helpful tool HOT DOTS from Educational Insights is! Kayla has been using the Hot Dots Pen and Subtraction Card Set for about a month now and she still loves using it. Some things she has gotten in the past humor her for a few days or a week then become thrown in her room 'somewhere.' Not so with her Hot Dots Set! She turned 6 awhile back so I chose the subtraction cards (7+) as she becomes easily distracted when toys or learning (sometimes toys are learning as you will find with Educational Insights) are to easily learned by her and there is no challenge. I made the right choice as she is very interested in her Hot Dots Set! If she gets an answer wrong the pen will answer her by saying politely Oops wrong answer with a red light on the pen or one of the other sayings and this challenges her to figure out the right answer. If she gets the right answer first or after trying the pen will say something very positive  and light up green. She gets so excited and proud feeling! Her eyes light up with encouragement and right back at it she goes! Her 4 year old brother yells "Yay Sissy." Her 2 year old sister puts her hands up over her head "AA Sissy." They become encouraged and want to do school work too! I've told them it isn't school work, that Kayla just likes to play and learn together but they don't understand of course. That is probably a good thing, right? Sometimes us grandma's get as excited with children's accomplishments as they do.  Ok, more I admit it...

I believe that education comes in many different forms, creative and fun being just two of them. Everyone learns in different ways and therefore should have all of the various opportunities life has to offer. Obviously we won't all visit a rain forest or safari in our lives but their are many other ways to learn. Hands on, creative and fun are covered by Educational Insights. They believe, as do I learning should and can be fun! Below they are "caught" playing school in her little sister's room.

There are many types of Hot Dot Flash cards for the 6 to 10 age range. Basic Math, subtraction, telling time, multiplication, division, fractions and more. They can be used as flash cards or combined with the Talking Hot Dots Pen. There is also a super cute Hot Dots Jr. Pen that comes in 2 characters a DOG and a CAT! The little ones can be involved in the fun and learning also! How awesome is that?

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