Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moja Creations Review

Moja Creations has a very large selection of products and too many prints to counts! She has sandwich bags, snack bags, Trick or Treat Bags, crayon wallets, Personalized items, reversible cup sleeves, back packs, lunch bags, sandwich wraps, insulated lunch totes, baby gift sets, holiday T shirts, magnets shaped like food, onesie's, felt activity mats, mini baby blankets, minky/cotton baby blankets and I'm sure I missed some - they are all amazingly adorable (or manly if your a boy lol.)

Lets talk about prints. She has EVerYthING! Halloween fabrics like pumkins, Boo, skeletons, ghosts, candy corn. Then a few for fall plus girls choices Hello Kitty, fairies, dancers, hearts, butterflies, apples, mermaids, lady bugs, owls, frogs, dots, pears, paisleys, flowers, Minnie Mouse, and more - you will have to check the designs out for yourself! Boys prints skull and crossbones, balls, trucks, guitars, super heroes, sharks, turtles, cards n trucks, rocket ships, Cars (from the movie) soccer balls, monkeys, fish, helicopters, flames, golf balls, hot peppers, monkeys, dice and more. For babies elephants, whales, giraffes, owls and she has just so much more. I was like a kid in a candy store! Seriously do yourself a favor CHECK THESE OUT FOR YOURSELF

The two napkins shown above are so gorgeous. The patterns are very trendy. The pink has X's, O's, heart's and flower's. It is sewn around the edges perfectly. The light blue has small variable sized circles different blues and a white. It also is sewn around the edges perfectly. They are both quite thick and would work well dry or dampened. They could also be used as wet wipes but they are too cute!

This snack bag is very cute! It has an orange and yellow adorable apple print! Also the cutest signature label that says Moja Creations with their little branch and bird emblem. It is about 4" high by 6" long. Sewn on the top is a stretchy wrist piece in the same pattern. Perfect for a little ones arm. It looks to me to be able to hold snacks for 2 smaller children or 1 child a bit older. The snack bag is very spacious inside and I love the bright orange color! It closes very securely with velcro across the top. The sewing is excellent and only shows across the top.

You can reach Moja Creation's:

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  1. These snack bags look great! I am making a conscious effort to become more Eco friendly a
    So this is perfect!

  2. I am and have been really trying to be more Eco aware I really like the snack bags

  3. These are amazing! We have had one for awhile for my son and we use it all the time. Great quality bags.

  4. I really want to switch to using reusable snack bags, but my family isn't sold on it yet!

  5. These look great and love that the don't have lead, Phthalates, or BPA. Awesome prints too.

  6. Wow! I would love to get the trick or treat bags and also a mini baby blanket for my daughter. :) Thanks for posting this review!

  7. I love them, especially the orange one.