Saturday, November 3, 2012

ALL-ETT LEATHER ID WALLET Review & Upcoming Giveaway

The day I received my ALL-ETT Wallet in the mail I put it right out so I could take pictures of it.  Of course my son comes by to visit that day, he NEVER comes during the week!  He doesn't knock and walks right into the room I'm in, as if he could smell a Christmas Gift. lol  Have you ever noticed whatever you would like, Murphy's Law provides the opposite?  If I had been asleep or in the shower he would have knocked until I went to the door.  It is almost a guarantee!  Well he starts checking out this thin leather wallet and telling me how nice it is.  How well it would fit in the back pocket of his uniform pants or the inside pocket of his jacket.  That it is so professional looking.  It will hold everything he needs to carry, how light weight it is.  How much he needs one and would love it for Christmas.  Me, stuck between a rock and a hard place says "I'm sorry honey I already planned to give it to your little brother.  I have enough for you already."  He replies (back to Murphy's Law), "He is so spoiled.  You give him whatever he wants.  I should have been the baby of the family.  You know he won't take good care of it."  Now I am seriously getting p.o.'d and about to REALLY give it to his brother!  Mom's, sibling rivalry never. stops. No matter how many times you tell them you love them all the same and are proud of each for a different reason!  I believe it is there for life or at least until they reach the age that they realize we aren't guaranteed forever!  The point being Mr.'must look perfect' gave this ALL-ETT WALLET a grand review!  I was very surprised as he is quite picky.  On the other hand how could he not like it with all of the great features?

ALL-ETT WALLET also carries woman's wallets. From a the original to a checkbook wallett and even a cute wristlet. I think you will agree the ALL-ETT WOMAN'S WALLETS are very nice as well!

The ALL-ETT WALLET, THE THINNEST WALLET IN THE WORLD opens wide enough to hold plenty of bills.  As you can see in the picture it opens real wide!  There are openings for business and other cards also a space for an ID.  The wallet I received only weighed 1 gram and is very easy on the eyes. With a father, 2 brother's, grown nephews, ex's and 3 grown boys I have seen very many wallets and none as thin or convenient as these.  I'd have to give them 2 thumbs up!

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  1. This would make a great Christmas present for my husband!

  2. This looks really nice! I love the fact that it is so thin.. Won't show the bulge when they carry in the back pocket of their jeans.

  3. I wonder what my husband would think! I bet it would look nice in his slacks!