Monday, November 12, 2012

Ark Clothing Back Pack Review and upcoming Giveaway

Excuse my camera, it just does not do this bag justice. It is a great looking back pack!

As a mom, grandma, blogger, maybe the start of a hoarder, (seriously I hope not,) I always end up coming home with a lot of stuff, junk, purchases, important papers, phone numbers, emails etc  I have to search all through the car for them and then without damaging anything lug them all into the house, not dropping anything of course! This became just too much for my purse so I down sized my purse and started carrying plastic bags along. They break and are not good for the environment so that didn't last long. Next I tried reusable green grocery bags. They were open at the top leaving my uncanny ability to dump and loose things wide open! One evening I was looking for something for our "It's In The Bag" Event and I came across a whole slew of bags. Many different kinds of bags, of course back packs in many styles and colors but also retro bags, reporter bags, shoulder bags, pouch bags, travel bags, bucket bags and carry on bags! The site I was looking in was Ark Clothing. I was surrounded by wonderful bags. I chose the Ark Alpine Pack! It is so cool, even having a grommet to put the headphone wire of my MP3 Player through and a zippered pouch under the flap to carry my MP3 Player. There are hidden snaps under the gorgeous old school aged brass buckles for easy opening and closing. There is a lot of room inside this bag. I have had it packed! This is a lot of bag for only 1.8 pounds. The look is vintage and I so love that look.

How wonderful this would be for the 'Lap Top' that is on sale Black Friday! I just know my fantastic children would want me to have it for my Birthday and Christmas! Seriously now, what child would want to see their grown mom cry like a 2 year old because she is the only woman she knows without a lap top??? I mean really, all the other mom's are doing it! Ha ha

Now as most of you know I have children, four to be exact. Also a son in law and 2 soon to be daughter in laws. The only 2 not having a reason why this bag should be theirs is my son and DIL that live to far away to visit often and only because they haven't seen it I am sure! My children have received almost everything for the past 29, soon to be 30 years - it is my turn, right!?! Here are some of the excuses oops I mean reasons they managed to come up with. Two are in college, enough said, 2 bring snacks and or lunch to work along with other important things as one is a supervisor. The other, my daughter, works with the mentally handicapped meaning her belongings must be secured for safety reasons. Last but not least my oldest thinks he needs it to put his bird in to go back and forth to the vet so she will stay warm. I say buy your own my children! Of course my granddaughter also needs it because she has too many toys to bring in her overnight bag so she needs something for her clothes also "ya know." LOL

From Their Site:

Heavy duty distressed looking canvas
Plenty of storage for laptops or books
Antique brass fittings
Grommet headphone cord access and hidden flap pocket
Easy snap access hidden under vintage-looking buckles

The winner will receive an Alpine Bag, choice of color! How Cool is that?

If you just can't wait for your own or just want to check them out click below:

Ark Clothing Facebook Page

Ark Clothing Website

Ark Clothing Twitter


  1. What a cute backpack!!! Looks very roomy and that it would last for a long time

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the review!

  3. This is a cute bag. I like the fabric.

  4. I'd like to carry one of these around as a diaper bag. Then maybe my husband wouldn't mind carrying it.