Monday, November 12, 2012

Nature Box Review and upcoming Giveaway

NatureBox provides healthy snacking for children and adults alike. They have subscriptions where as their box full of healthy can come to you every month without interruption if you'd like, awesome right?

To be truly honest I wasn't sure how my family was going to feel about "healthy" snacks such as these because we are pretty much junkaholics! I figured they would just put their noses up and head for the nearest 7-11. To my surprise everyone chose something and started eating! I had to tell them to only try a little of each. Now my grandson didn't like the Sun Dried White Peaches but I believe as does his mom, that it is because of his SPD. Textures come across very different to him. Everyone else loved them. I found them AMAZING!

The Harvest Fruit Granola is so good. You'd really have to try it because I can't describe it's yummy goodness. As is the Harvest Fruit Granola, soft baked and sweetened with agave. The Citrus Kick Almonds (with orange, lemon, garlic and ginger!)are fresh and crunchy!

My absolute favorite along with most of my family was the Organic Mighty Mix! Yumm! It is so very delicious. I could almost feel myself getting fueled up... ready for the hours ahead. Doesn't it look like you want to grab some?

Last but definitely not least the mouthwatering Apple Rings ~

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I would like to Thank NatureBox for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. These look so good! I'm always looking for healthy snack options!

  2. These boxes look wonderful! I love subscription services like this but they get pricey sometimes!

  3. I like this concept. It's a good way to try something new that you wouldn't buy at the store. Especially with children.

  4. These look so yummy and nutritious!

  5. This is a great idea. Maybe if people are able to receive a monthly fruit box it would be easier to incorporate healthy eating habits into their diets.

  6. I had heard of these but never noticed what was in them! this looks really good to me! I love snacking on nutritious things:)