Thursday, November 1, 2012

UGLee Ergonomic Pen Review and upcoming Giveaway

I've always been a writer, not a writer as in novel writing, as in I always had a pen, pencil or marker in my hand! When my grandparents moved to Florida many years ago I was allowed to go through the stuff they weren't taking with them. I happened upon my grandfather's left over desk stuff. I was in my glory. I set up his office like an office minus the furniture. There was a cigar box filled with pens and pencils and also lots of paper. Looking back it was probably leftover from an opened pack. I don't think I have stopped writing or doodle-ing since. My family was sure I would become I novelist! Them not thinking about the computers role in writing back then of course.

A month or two ago I asked to review UGLee Pens. They sent me a pack of three and they only asked that I give them two weeks before writing my review. Starting out I was afraid I would not have much to say, as time went by the ergonomic pen started to feel nicer in between my fingers. Very comfortable, a very relaxing pen it could be described as. It has an outer cover that seems to fit into your grip and mold accordingly.  UGLee Pen was designed by Dr. Lee.

Dr. Lee's Story - Founder of UGLeePen:

As a medical student, I wrote volumes in terms of notes. In medicine, medical notes are all hand written. I averaged 20 full pages of hand written notes a day… day in and day out for years.

You can imagine how my hand kept cramping up! I spent a lot of time and money looking for a comfortable pen. After trying what I believe to be every pen out there, I failed painfully to find even one!

I was frustrated because most pens were not designed for comfort at all. The few that were listed as “comfort pen” were obviously mislabeled.

I was determined to create my own pen - one that would meet my expectations of comfort. Since then, I have spent over eight years to create the first truly comfortable pen. The pursuit of pen comfort became a hobby… no, an obsession during this eight year period. I dedicated an inordinate amount of my own time and resources in this endeavor.

Luckily, I am blessed with an extremely patient and understanding wife - our garage is full of various machinery, pen prototypes, and pen materials collected over the years!

My drive to create the ultimate comfort pen led me to go as far as to study the structure of the human hand using X-ray and researching the attachment and function of hand muscles to design the perfect grip.

The result is the UGLee Pen. A pen that is not only the most comfortable pen, but is physician designed to be the world’s first truly comfortable pen.

From their website: At only 11 grams (less than a half ounce)it has less mass, meaning less inertia and more comfort! The overall shape as well as the detailed contours are perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand. The UGLee Pen is mated with the smoothest ink system known, smoother than any roller ball, gel ink or fountain ink pen.

UGLee Pen Facebook Page

UGLee Pen Website


  1. These look like great pens! I'm excited for the giveaway!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have a couple of these pens and they are so amazing! You can read how great they are, but until you actually use one, you cannot imagine how dreamy they are! Sooo comfy! Thanks for your review with pictures! Hopefully more people with try these! =)