Sunday, December 9, 2012

Paula's Donuts Review

Paula's Donuts has two great locations in New York, Clarence and Kenmore. Clarence being the location we visited. We stumbled upon the shop by accident. My son's Cockatiel was having her second surgery in Clarence and there were hours to pass while waiting. Not belonging to this city and only visiting (for the four visits his bird had with Laura Wade DVM ABVP an excellent Specialist of Avian & Exotic Pets) we wandered through a few stores and my son spotted Paula's. He can't miss a chance to try a sweet food and to be honest I fold very easily myself! I had a strawberry shortcake donut, OMGosh was that to die for! It was fresh, soft and delicious. Stuffed with so much filling that I had to keep a napkin under it. The size of their donuts are unbeleiveable! I had no room for dinner two hours later and had to set aside a plate to be warmed after. Seriously the donuts are huge! Their donut flavors are: Sugar Jelly/ Frosted Jelly/ Honeydip/ Cheese / Frosted Angel Cream/ Headlights/ Taillights / Chocolate Frosted Rings with/without sprinkles / White Frosted Rings with/without sprinkles / Powdered/ Sugar Lemon/ Chocolate Frosted Bavarian / Powdered Bavarian/ Chocolate Frosted Choc. Angel Cream/ Maple Frosted Angel Cream/ Strawberry Shortcake / Maple Frosted Rings with/without walnuts / Black Forest/ Raised Twists/ Strawberry/ Powdered Angel Cream/ Powdered Chocolate Angel Cream/ Peanut Cream/ Peanut Jelly/ Coconut/ Coconut Cream/ Glazed Cinnamon/ Plain & Glazed Fry Cake/ Powdered & Cinnamon Fry Cake/ Chocolate Frosted with/without sprinkles/ Peanut Round/Stick/ Jelly sticks/ Plain & Glazed Cruller/ Glazed Chocolate/ Chocolate Peanut/ Chocolate Coconut/Chocolate Frosted Chocolate/ Plain,Glazed, or Powdered Sour Creme

Paula's Donuts was established in 1996. They are a family business and make their donuts by cutting them and baking them fresh everyday the old fashion way. They make other scrumptious pastries as well. Along with seasonal pastries and specialties: Bagels Plain, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Everything Pastry Hearts Danish- Cheese, Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Cherry-Cheese Bear Claws (almond) Apple Turnovers (Cherry or Blueberry by special order) Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (contains walnuts and raisins) Muffins- Blueberry, Cranberry Nut, Banana Nut, Carrot, Bran with raisins Chocolate Croissants Raspberry & Cheese Struddles Donut Holes- Honeydip, Glazed Cake, Powdered, Cinnamon, Peanut, Coconut, Chocolate, Plain, Powdered Bavarian, Powdered Jelly

They really care and take pride in being part of the community! When I asked Dr. Wade, whom I have came to know and trust, she had nothing but wonderful things to say about Paula's Donuts!

Their specialty donuts are: Chocolate or White Frosted Lemon/ Lemon Shortcake/ Coconut Custard/ Chocolate Frosted Strawberry/ Pineapple/ Pineapple Shortcake/ Maple Frosted Angel/ Toasted Coconut Custard/ Coconut Sticks/ Peanut Jelly Sticks/ Bavarian Sticks/ White Frosted with/without sprinkles/ Cherry Fry Cake Glazed/ Chocolate or White Frosted Cherry Fry Cake/ Red Velvet/ Apple/ Apple Crisp/ Pumpkin. FASTNACHTS-during Lent - PACZKIS - on Fat Tuesday!

They make a gorgeous and delicious creation called the "Texas Donut." It serves 6, you choose the filling and topping, yumm! Choices are: Fillings: Angel Cream/ Chocolate Angel Cream/ Bavarian/ Apple Raspberry Jelly/ Strawberry / Lemon/ Apple Toppings: Chocolate Frosting/ White Frosting/ Peanut/ Coconut/ Powder Sugar/ Cinnamon Sugar/ Granulated Sugar/ Glaze Final Touch: Rainbow Sprinkles/ Seasonal Sprinkles/ Chocolate Sprinkles/ Dollops of Angel Cream/ Dollops of Chocolate Angel Cream If they have ample notice, a small message can be written on your Texas Donut such as: “Happy Birthday ”/ “Happy Holidays” “Thank You”/ “Congratulations” TEXAS DONUT PLATTERS They also make Donut Platters. Perfect for any holiday/birthday!! Call and place your order, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Pick your favorite Texas Donut- (flavors listed above) 2. Pick a dozen (12) donuts (or they can assort them for you) 3. They will fill in the platter with one dozen donut holes and seasonal candy. Your order will be made fresh right before you arrive.

For you business owners Paula's Donuts sells wholesale as well so please give them a look. Links below.

Paula's Donuts Kenmore Facebook Page

Paula's Donuts Website


  1. That doughnut looks like heaven! Makes me wish there was a shop where I live!

  2. I wish we had one of these locally I am a big fan of jelly donuts!

  3. Oh my! I love donuts! That's the ONLY unhealthy thing I eat. At least once a month I treat myself to a donut. I wish there was one here in Jax. FL! I would LOVE to try the Coconut Cream, Cranberry Nut, and one of their Apple Turnovers. I have not had a really good turnover since my grandmother passed away. If I ever get the chance to visit New York I will definitely be checking them out! Thanks for the review, now I have to go find a donut! =D

  4. these look so good, if we buy donuts we have to get them at the grocery store

  5. Mmm! Those look delicious! My parents live in NY so next time I'm there I will have to try some!