Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You Hearing Alot About Giving Back?

If your answer is yes, Hurray! People are thinking about more than their problems! Don't get me wrong everyone has issues to deal with but sometimes those issues feel just a little smaller if we have other things on our mind.

With the New Year comes thoughts of new beginnings, fresh starts, renewed friendships and spring - oops (I just can't keep spring out of my mind.) With the cold temps almost everywhere people are also thinking about others. The homeless, the elderly, and the less fortunate. Humans are predestined to care, well the majority of us. "It's part of our human nature" I've heard often. I believe out of the inability for any one person to fix all of the world's problems the term 'Giving Back' came about. The idea of if everyone would just do what they felt they could it would help so many. Along with that comes many who, and some rightfully so, feel they have nothing to offer. They can barely pay their own mortgage, or keep their own homes heated. So many wonder how they will be able to feed their own families next week or next month. It was hearing those thoughts that prompted me to write this.

Rather it is truly that someone is down and out or have a very real fear that they may be, or lack of ideas this shouldn't have to come in the way if someone sincerely wants to 'Give Back'. I have started a list of ways to give back even if you have little yourself. You can add on ideas as I know there are many more. I have included a couple for those home bound also. I started the 'poor and stuck in the house" list for myself a few years back when, for a time, I really needed it to pick myself up a bit!

Write a caring letter to someone that may need a special such kindness.
Offer to help in a child's classroom. You don't have one? Barrow one - niece, grandson, a friend's child. Or offer at a Church, After school program, etc
Make a loaf of bread or pie for someone.
Lend your time at a local soup kitchen or shelter.
Like animals? Animal shelters always need people.
Buy a box of cards at the dollar store and send a get well note (you don't have to know the person well.)
Offer to baby sit for someone so they can have some alone time.  Even an hour at the right time is wonderful!
If you are able, shovel or do a little upkeep for another.
Offer to pick up a few things for someone that has a hard time getting out. I would be so grateful for that the times my S.A.D. is out of hand.
If you have a Costco or Sam's Club type membership the next time you are going ask ahead if a friend may want to purchase something there.
Make a simple 'Hello, I'm thinking of you phone call'.

Of course this is just a sample of the many ideas.  If everyone put their heads together this list could be
amazing!  I was surprised that while helping others, doing things so small, gave me feel a bit of joy that I truly needed.  It has been a long time and I continue to send hand written letters and cards of encouragement because everyone needs to know people care about them.


  1. I too am giving back but mainly to family and love ones first then to society.

    Dominique @ Dominique's Desk

  2. Gladys,
    what a great idea. I don't know if you have seen the Facebook posting that has been all over about 2013 pay it forward? People willing to do a kindness for 5 friends in exchange for them posting the same pay it forward offer on their pages. The offer is for a kindness, determined by the giver, to the sender.
    A real tangible thing, sent to them.
    :) How wonderful to have people giving freely?
    Thank you fro the reminder that everyone needs a kindness, no matter how small.
    also I have a friend who is collecting letters and pictures of encouragement for the community of Sandy Hook, perhaps you could pass that along too.
    You may mail your letters and pictures of friendship and encouragement to:
    The ECC
    17 Washington Street
    Marlborough, MA 01752
    ATTN: Letters of Love for Newtown

    They will be hand delivered as there is a direct connection of the people in Marlborough, MA supporting the community of Newtown. :)
    thank you and God Bless you! <3

  3. Wonderful post! I try to give back and help others, BUT i could certainly do more...much more.