Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dunnie's eye surgery Part II

I left off yesterday with David bringing Dunnie home after her eye removal surgery. He was a nervous wreck. The noise was to be kept down close to silent, his apartment temperature had to be exactly right all the  things you would expect from a good parent. He set his alarm to make sure she had her two meds at the correct time and slept about as much as a new dad!

The first 4 days seemed to go well. Everything seemed to look as they were suppose to. She was eating a little and even starting to move about in her normal way considering everything was taken from her cage except her feed and water dishes. David came down all distraught very late at on the 5th night and said the area where her eye was had a fluid discharge, the only problem the veterinarian had said to make sure we called her about anytime night or day. She had just called the day before to ask how Dunnie was doing. We emailed her a picture (boy how things have changed) and she set up another appointment right away for Dunnie! I was under so much stress for my son, no matter their age we, as parents, don't want to see them hurting! Dr.Wade put a couple more stitches in and said to continue watching her carefully. She told me privately that David's disabilities were non existent when it came to him caring for Dunnie, which of course I proudly already knew.  The following week Dunnie was getting stronger, lifting up her head to demand neck rubs, as she has never had feathers in that little area, it must feel comforting to her. What a relief between 4 visits to our in town Dr. Then a couple of visits and surgery out of town she had to be nerved up not to mention David stressed for her and I for him. Things were starting to look up.

Two days later fluid with a red tint started coming from Dunnie's eye. It had not healed as we had thought. She was rushed to the vet and the next day she was put under and had surgery again. We didn't know, not even the Dr., if she would pull through this, her third surgery. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I had messed with the course of nature and Dunnie and my beloved son were paying the price. The phone rang and it was Dr. Wade saying everything had gone well. What a happy moment - one of those you write down and visit often to remember how blessed we are. God is good!

I won't bore you with the weeks of recovery time. She is still growing back feathers and adjusting to life with one eye but she is loved I do know this! Below are two pictures of her after her last surgery with special stitches. The hole you see just under that is her ear, I know strange looking, right? I will be posting a future post about her with her body back in shape and a picture fully feathered except her neck!

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Hope she's recovering well. Dropping by from UBC.

  2. Aww! This brought tears to my eyes. What a little trooper. And I have to say, right now that looks like the face only a parent could love! :)

  3. Hope she has a quick recovery. So wonderful to hear that she is so well loved and cared for.

  4. Bless his heart! I love birds, and cockatiels are so sweet!