Sunday, January 20, 2013

Merryweather Outdoors Upcoming Giveaway 1/28

I'd like to introduce you to a wonderful Mom-preneur. A mom that thought of and built her own business. I know many of you are from cold snowy areas of the Us and Canada therefore, this will be a great fit for you mom's and grandma's.

Merryweather Outdoors is a mom-owned start-up business in Ithaca, NY. She makes an infant winter boot system that is exceptionally warm and functional. Last year, Merryweather’s first season, she sold exclusively from Mama Goose in Ithaca. This year (current season), she is in eight stores from here to Maine to Canada. If you are familiar with Stonz boots, Merryweather’s Merryluks are significantly warmer on a stand alone basis and have a more appealing shape. That said, she has Stonz and loves them. The Merryluks are warmer and more functional for deep winter and snow. Another comparison is Bogs: the Merryluks have the warmth of Bogs, but are washable, soft-soled, lightweight and sized for infants and toddlers (6 months through 24 months). Based on feedback and requests, She will be extending the Merryluks sizing to older children (to age 6) for the 2013/2014 season.

She is working with a small family-owned, US contract sewer in Williamsport, PA. Each style is a stand-alone functional item, but they are designed to work together to create a soft, warm, lightweight shoe layering system that can extend well down into the negative zone. They go sleeping outdoors in snow caves with their baby, now a toddler, so she can honestly say that they work! The Merryluks have been designed so that one can get two seasons of use out of them (potentially even 3 in the 18-24 months sizing) when toddlers growth is starting to slow down. This is because they have been designed to be worn either with an inner bootie/slipper, or without, and when worn without, to still synch up snugly so that even early walkers do just fine in them. For instance, her son Luke, now two and half and wearing a size 8 shoe, comfortable fits, with room to spare, into the 12-18 months still, even with a little slipper on. He was a size 5 last winter and could still walk in them.

The Merryweather infant winter boot system is the product of their first winter with their first child (who is now 2). Her Canadian, outdoor-educator, winter-camping husband said a baby shouldn’t mean the end to extended outdoor play in the winter. None of the available infant winter boots met their requirements for warmth, being lightweight and having a soft, pliable sole that was suitable for the growing feet of their pre-crawler. So drawing from the wisdom of the Inuits and the technical savvy of her former NOLS and Outward Bound instructor husband, Merryluks were born. They went skiing, sledding, snow-shoeing, ice-skating, snow-angle and snow-man building and yes, even overnight winter camping in a snow cave, and baby and all had warm and toasty feet all the time.

You can reach Merryweather Outdoors on their Facebook Page


  1. These look great! I'm in the foothills of norther Colorado and we could definitely use these. They are super cute. I need the super socks now.

  2. Dani Sue - I still have some super sock stock on hand. What colour and size would you be looking for? And the minky ones? or the satin ones?

    Susan Mann
    Meryweather Outdoors