Monday, February 4, 2013

Eden Fantasys is offering 25% off plus (eye friendly)

Community Forum Discussions - Adult Community at EdenFantasys After my last post you all know that this will be very appropriate until the last paragraph. The last paragraph will have links that you can click through or choose to ignore. The entire post is eye friendly unless you click one of the links in the last paragraph!

The month of Valentines Day is finally here. I love Valentines, not so much for the "Love" but for the love we see all around every holiday. It is so fun watching the children filling out their little valentines, all excited about their school parties. The teenagers with their puppy or more serious crushes but then there are the rest of us. For those married or in relationships there are different choices from the mild to the wild. The wild is what we will be discussing a bit in the last paragraph. First I would like to suggest a few nice girl options. The page in this link has nothing x rated, nothing a child standing behind you would think anything of. The link explains it's self quite well. They are items for smelling good and massages. Everyone enjoys those kinds of products but of course it is still up to you to decide rather or not to click! Remember everything comes in plain packaging, no worries. Also they offer free shipping over $35. (not sure if this is only until February 15th. Until February 15th at 3:00 pm they offer 25% off on selected items and 30% on some exclusive items. Also a FREE Gift with every order. Here are the wonderful items I was speaking of. Crazy Girl Shimmery Dust, Dona Body Wash, Massaging oil, Dona Massage Candles and other Massaging Kits.

Eden Fantasys has a large supply of books. Also products in case you ever wanted to, say, pick a script from a book like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY . Oh yes, I've heard all about them books and so has Eden Fantasys! They even offer 25% off selected 50 Shades of Grey products - How Awesome is that? Of course, they also have costumes for Nurses, Retro French Maids, Saloon Girls and so forth at 25% OFF ! Remember though this all ends by February 15th, at 3:00 pm some sooner.  Check out with the code HOT4YOU for % off and FREE GIFT.


  1. Good information handled in a fun and constructive way

  2. cool! thanks for sharing. I will go ahead and check on their site and see what i can buy :D

  3. Wow I didn't realize they had books too. I really like this store.