Monday, March 4, 2013

"Mysterious Creatures Game" Review

We reviewed the newest of the games from Education Outdoors called Mysterious Creatures. Mysterious Creatures can be found on Facebook here or on the Education Outdoors Website
The people at Education Outdoors are trying to get families back to the table, floor, lawn, beach or anywhere else playing board games. Their name says it all education about outdoors! They have other games such as Snipe, Smores, Biking, Camp, and Fishing Camp. They can all be found online through different links I have highlighted.

While Mysterious Creatures is geared more toward older children, 8 and above I believe any game can be changed a bit to offer fun and even some learning for all ages. There is no reason to leave a young one out. My granddaughter is 6 and knows all of the United States and most of it's state capitols so it was obvious she would learn some of the geography being taught by this game, the creatures, um not so much. We had to read a light cheery story before bed. My boys thought most of the fun was talking about the creatures both the facts and the myths. I thought the fact that everyone was learning in of it's self was a great thing! Not everyday can one find a game that teaches new things to those from 6 to (well never mind, I'll just say I'm grown up)!

Each player is given a creature. Each creature has a country that it comes from. You start in the country your creature lives in. The object is to collect 3 different pieces of evidence concerning your creature. The object overall is to find your 3 pieces of evidence about your real or mythological creature then return to where you started before the other players. We had a good time for hours without hearing a foul word or seeing a bra as we would have watching TV or a movie. Also pretty cool is that some of the cards have bar codes to scan and somehow see clips. I don't know how to do that so we missed it. My boys weren't real happy with me (or my middle son of himself as he left his phone at his apartment)! We'll be playing again on his significant other's night off so we'll have the opportunity to try it out!

From their site:

Mysterious Creatures™ the Game was created to engage player's curiosity in the mysteries of nature that exist across the world. The game takes each player on an adventure/race across the globe in search of their creature's evidence cards. The first player to collect all 3 evidence cards and make it back to their creature's country of origin wins! Along the way players will learn geography, country flags, and a multitude of info about creatures that may or may not exist... it's up to you to decide. All the card art for each creature incorporates the flag of its native country. Other features include the set-backs for natural phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle. *Mysterious Creatures and Education Outdoors, Inc. are committed to giving back a percentage of every game sale to a list of amazing non-profits…


  1. I'm so glad that people are game-ifying education so that it's more fun and interactive to learn. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds like a great game! More families need to spend time together playing board games and less time on computers!

  3. A good way to reach out to the kids too! Thanks for sharing!