Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Did I Miss April Fools Along With Many Others

Welcome to Spring Everyone! What? You don't see spring either? That is what a lot of you said today! Having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) I am ready for spring the day after Christmas, yep, December 26th I am ready for old man winter to go away and not come back another day. I was really spoiled by the last two winters we have had here in WNY, snow belt capitol! Well, we sure earned our title this year. Every time it snows it is a big blizzard with lots of snow. Now, today we have entered spring and was does our weather man have in store? A huge snow storm bringing up to 20 more inches on top of the 14 we just received - LUCKY US! I have no problem with a little bit of snow for the children to build snowmen, have snow ball fights and build their snow forts. Nor do I have a problem with the skiers getting their opportunity to do their thing - enjoy! I just want to know why they can't do it at the same darn time, you know? Nope we have to have snow, no, not just snow but snow storms the whole season. Then comes along Ground Hog's Day. We have two, count them two local ground hogs. Dunkirk Dave and Punksatony Phil. Not one but both of them said no mam, don't you fret it's gonna be an early winter. Well, I'm here to tell you they LIED, both of em' the dirty dogs! As I got lost in face book today, as I often do because I just have so much free time, (what? You all do it too? Nah!) I saw some mighty mean Meme's directed at those two ground hogs. Threatening to move them away, kill them and even ... take away their manhood! Ouch, I told you people were mad. Ninety percent of New Yorker's are ready and have been waiting for spring. Guess what? I won't be the one to tell them but the ten day forecast doesn't look much better.

I have been planning on BBQ'ing Easter Sunday since I received my awesome grill for Christmas. I know, cruel right? Like giving a New York child a bike for Christmas, horribly cruel! It was my own fault as my children asked what I wanted for my birthday and then for Christmas (November and December, respectively.) I gave them a list with 3 things on it and I have 4 children. Of course, I attached any coupons or rebates and ad's with the items circled for the stores in which each was least expensive. I'm frugal no matter who's money it is. I just would never spend money on something like that for myself. In my defense they had give me the amount to choose from in advance. I have such wonderful, thoughtful children! Back to spring - I have a feeling the meat and vegetables on the grill will get cold as fast as they cook. This is my plea for old man winter and Jack Frost to let me have a pleasant spring day to celebrate our lord and enjoy my BBQ.

Do you have plans for your holiday? Going away, having company over or maybe just having  a quiet, relaxing day at home? I'd love to hear about it!

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