Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do you find it hard to have time?

I think we all do. I've heard the reasons - children, work, new baby, neighbors, elderly parents or as in my case a disabled individual. Right now is a perfect example. I have these thoughts that want so badly to get out of my head. My son has went upstairs to his apartment "to go to sleep" - his exact words. Finally it is almost 3:am and I get to think without being interrupted! I get to let those thoughts out that have been swimming around in my mind most of the day. Maybe, or then again maybe it will be like most nights that he remembers something he wants to tell me or thinks about a desert he bought today. Surely I must want to try it, even though I am dieting (for a very important reason) his thoughts are pure and innocent "one piece will be o.k." the reasoning I have used oh so many times.

Twenty minutes later - Like many of you I thought wrong! My me time (even though it is 3 in the morning) was interrupted. This time by the phone. My son needed to know if the heat should be turned up because the wind is blowing so it may get colder, too cold for his bird while he is asleep. The reason was innocent as they always are but if not for trying to type this I would have just fallen asleep. In either case I need to have time! 

My best advice, actually the next thing I will be trying is to work myself into the only quiet time there is here, mornings.  I am telling a fib to you all and myself.  I can do many things in the morning but thinking is not one of them!

What interrupts you during what should be "your time"?


  1. I SO sympathize with you. But, just remember, your life will change. One day, you'll be free from things that drain your time. If I was you, I'd give up on the blog right now. I'd curl up and catch some ZZZZ's every time I had a moment of peace.

  2. There is such a thing as turning off the phone or taking it off the hook, if for no other reason, to take a nap. If you are dieting for health reasons, sleep and exercise are just as important as what you eat.

    Maybe you could schedule some you-time--going to the library, or a bookstore, or even lock yourself in the bathroom?