Monday, March 11, 2013

Imagine, There is no Internet

This isn't about some disaster scare, that the internet will shut down and leave us all powerless. It is more of an appreciation for what we have! Those of us that are a little older, maybe not right on top of the education game back in the 80's, will have a place to start in this thought process.

I'm only typing a few but let your mind go, I'm sure you can imagine a very different world without our much needed and under appreciated internet.

Your in the middle of making dinner and realize you don't have a very important ingredient - you can go buy it with children in tow or go to the library and look up substitutions.

Your son looses a piece to his favorite toy and that piece just happens to run the whole thing. You can buy a new one or you can go to the store, copy down the manufacture's address, if your lucky the phone number. Wait until their office is open and order the part (after you talk to an automated teller and a couple reps.) Now they don't have the internet either, since there isn't one, so it takes weeks or months to get it all figured out and sent.

You see a specialist 3 hours away. The tests take 3 weeks to get processed and a few days before each Dr. in turn calls the next. In the mean time your sitting on the edge of your chair worrying about what could be!

Your sister is designing her nursery in XYZ and has found everything except a lamp to match. She's due in a week, you simply cannot send her out store shuffling so you volunteer. You spend 5 hours trying to find it in 7 stores. The 7th store has them.

Your taking a college class that sounds exciting, until you have to borrow books from the library every week to research for your homework. (Something we now just Google)

The specialist you seen last month says you have LMN which only means dry skin but you don't that and the library has no books on it, your next Dr. appointment isn't for 3 weeks and your pharmacist has no idea, ut oh!

Your team is playing. If they win they go to the Super Bowl but the game is blacked out! You call 13 people 'just to see how they are" until you find one that knows about the game!

Yes, everyone lived without the internet for a very long time and a couple still do but man, even with all the changes Face book is constantly making aren't you thank full for the internet? I sure am!!!


  1. Yes indeed. Now that we learned to live with it, it would be difficult to deal things without it. Great post Gladys.

  2. I feel lost when our internet goes down...I hate it.

  3. When are we going to get those wireless connections to the backs of our heads???? It reminds me of the old telephone dials slowly clicking back from 9 to 0...I hate waiting for slow pages to download.

    Great post

  4. There's definitely a lot to be said about the availability of the internet. I'm afraid that it's slowly eroding people's face to face interactions, but that's another story for another post. Great job!

  5. There are such amazing posts tonight that speak directly to what I am itching to get off the ground. Well, it is a webinar series, so I guess there is no ground involved!

    You make some huge points on what we now have that would be tough to give back, that are here because of the amazing internet.

    My creative juices are flowing about all that the internet is yet to be. We have a tool like never before in history to connect people and make the world smaller and more intimate than ever. At the same time, we in many ways are still stuck on human being 1.0.

    Synergy Sessions is an experiment to see what we can do with the technology that has unexpected great applications. We have used previous inventions in ways that did unexpected harm.

    I invite you to co-create this venture with me. I have a few posts on the UBC Facebook page if you would like to learn more and add yourself as a part that will help to make a greater whole.