Monday, April 8, 2013

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Why do we have the huge problem of animal abuse is this country?

After 147 years of the ASPCA opening it's doors to help prevent cruelty to animals we still have a HUGE problem? - why? Does it really take over 100 years to teach people to be kind to animals?

The ASPCA was founded by Henry Bergh in 1866. He stated it was “to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.” It was the first humane organization in the western hemisphere. The ASPCA works with but is not directly affiliated with the SPCA or the humane societies. The ASPCA still works nationally to rescue animals from abuse and pass laws across the country.

Right there are 3 large national organizations founded and running to help animals yet it still is not enough to prevent animal cruelty. One of the biggest contributors is the over population of cats and dogs. I admit these are the animals I mostly concern myself with. A dog or cat has a litter of offspring, say 4. Those 4 have 4 there we are at 16. They each have 4 and we are at 64! They could all have been spared by the first cat having been spayed. Spaying animals would drastically reduce the animal population eventually, therefore reduce animal abuse. The problem with that is the cost. Often people cannot or will not pay that $100. The answer would be lower cost. The question would be at who's expense?

Education about animals is far to low also that is yet another culprit. I am ashamed to admit that my children's first dog slept in a dog house and was outside night and day. Her interaction was when the children went out to play with her. I came from the country, our dogs were never allowed in the house. Although they ran free no chain and dog houses were not necessary. They slept in the barn. Fast forward many years later and my now dog cries if he is left outside without one of his family!

The last reason I am going to mention is plain out cruelty to animals at the hands of people. It is an awful subject to even think about but the idea (of mine and obviously many others) that not thinking about it will make it go away is absolutely false! We must do something but what?

Do you have any thoughts on this? Possible solutions?


  1. This is always a tough question! There are those that collect animals and think they are helping. For these people it is a fine line between what is right and wrong and hard to define at times.
    Then those people that are violent to animals and people alike. I think some people are wired wrong. For the violent people I think crimes to animals should be punished more than just a fine.
    In the end there is no simple solution but each of us can do the best we can with our own animal families and also educating our human families and friends to love our forever friends. Thanks for your blog!

  2. Well, I don't think it's necessarily cruel to leave your dog outside day and night, if the weather is appropriate, ALL his needs are being met (including love and tons of interaction), and he has a comfortable place to sleep. I know many people with huge, hyper dogs shut up all day in tiny apartments, and I don't see how that would be any better.

    I do think the best solution to prevent animal cruelty is to educate others and our children. I've been horrified at the callousness some parents show when their children mutilate or injure animals like birds and frogs. That behavior will NEVER be allowed from any of my children.