Sunday, April 21, 2013

BBQ-PRO 4 burner gas grill review

I received this amazing grill for Christmas from my son Robert and my soon to be daughter in law. We live in New York so it was put away and was only taken out a few weeks ago. I had an extremely hard time waiting for good weather. The only thing worse than waiting to cook out is waiting to cook out with a nice new grill that is already set up. I jokingly told my grandson I thought I heard the grill say "time to cook." He was amused.


4-burner gas grill

` 515 sq. in. total cooking area
` 4 stainless steel burners with 40,000 BTU's
` porcelain coated wire cooking grates
` electronic ignition
` 1 year parts and burner warranty
` protect the grill with cover - #03315711-6 (black) #06763411-3 (tan) which I still have to obtain.

I wanted to try out our new BBQ-PRO before I started writing the review, therefore, we had our first cookout of the season. Yes, our first cookout on April 18th. Here we are April 20th and we have snow AGAIN. This New York weather is really something else. Christina and my grandchildren came down, my son David was here and my son Robert set up the grill and did the grilling. He grilled steaks and asparagus parmesan. Oh, they turned out so delicious.

This grill is awesome! It has everything the higher priced grill had except it was $40. less. Both were on sale for the holidays. BBQ-PRO has 4 burners which can be adjusted separately. A temperature gauge and of course electric ignition. Two wheels, two side surfaces and a steamer rack which worked excellently for our parmesan asparagus!


  1. I love Cook outs and can't wait for good weather to come! (live in Maine)
    This looks like a great grill for a reasonable price. We used to have a older grill..but it disappeared I'm going to assume someone stole it (relative) when my grandmother passed away)
    Very nice grill & happy grilling to you! :)

  2. Oh man...this makes me want a burger badly! I can't wait for grilling season! We had 80s last week, but this week we're back down to 50s and 60s, so it may be a while yet.

  3. This grill looks fantastic! We need a new grill too, I'll have to pass this along to my husband. Thanks for the review.

  4. Grilling is one of my family's favorite activities. But up until two weeks ago, we have been using a charcoal grill. It served its purpose for a time, but we decided that a gas grill would give us more convenience and efficiency. And so we are on the lookout for the best buy out there. That's why I am happy to bump into your blog. I love what I read here. I'm definitely considering this grill. Thank you, Gladys! Dominic Pablo