Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I SEE ME - God Loves Me Personalized Children's Book Review and Discount

We were sent a personalized copy of God Loves Leah book. It. is. wonderful!
Leah is thrilled with her I See Me God Loves Leah Book

The first page says her entire name Leah Lori Lanphere and I Love you!   Grandma.

Another example of an I See Me Personalized Children's book!

Leah's name is mentioned throughout her book. She is so amused by this that when her mom tried to put it away that night she cried. So hard that her mom had to call me and have me explain to her that some books were for holding, loving, and sharing but that some books were for keeping nice like sissy does. She still kept making that little sniffle noise as she said *sniffle* aw wite gamma, aw wite - more *sniffles* I wanted to say "oh just give it to her" but having raised 4 children I knew that would be the worst time to give in - I did though, promise a visit the next day, I just couldn't help it! *wink*

I See Me Personalized Children's Books are great for children's self esteem. This was the mission of the publisher to help children grow their self esteem through books including them. I know my granddaughter's love for books was surely taken up a notch since she began having her I see me children's book read to her. How important is she to be in a book - Wow!

There are many other AmahZing children's books such as My Very Own World and My Very Own Birthday.

I See Me also offers other fun personalized items such as personalized placemats for boys and girls , personalized coloring books , and gift sets.

I See Me Personalized Children's Books has kindly given my readers a 15% discount - just type in 'showers' while checking out! Awesome, right?

I encourage you to look through a few of these links and follow a few. They have great information and often offer discounts and so forth. You will see their new products and also you can find the many other I See Me Children's Books mentioned, on these links.

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  1. So sweet. Glad your granddaughter loved her book. I'm sure she has more books in her future. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a perfect gift for two of my grands. :)

  2. Awesome. Anytime you can be close to kids or grandkids, that's a blessing!

  3. This is possibly one of the cutest personalized gifts I have ever seen!

  4. That's great! My son is still a little young for this, but he won't be for long. I'm definitely going to keep these books in mind, because I've been looking for something like this.

  5. I love their books. My daughter has three of them.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  6. i have one of each for my kids they are so nice my daughters love tto read them

  7. i love personalized children's books and i think its important to teach little ones that God loves them! nice idea!!