Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Of The Few To Photograph North Korea

Recently I happened upon an article which led me to a photographer.  His name is Olaf Schuelke, he owns and operates Olaf Schuelke Photography from what I have determined.  I know very little of the subject of Olaf Schuelke Photography or North Korea.  Please double check anything in this post before taking it as correct.  In the summer of 2012 Olaf Schuelke was able to photograph some of North Korea's people during their everyday life.  I assume these are the wealthier citizens of North Korea as we know the North Korean people are predominantly poor, not being able to afford a pizza or as stated by Olaf Schuelke "The price for a pizza is too high for most North Koreans."  He has an article 'Behind the veil: A rare look at life in North Korea' on CNN.  He states under the pictures he has taken what they each are. Very simple to the point explanations.  If you are curious as are many, you will find these photos most interesting yet leave feeling cheated almost, as if someone left out half of the story. Olaf Schuelke Photography .


  1. Interesting! I'll check it out. I know that it's normal for any visitors to North Korea to be taken on guided tours and only shown carefully-selected places and people (usually actors), so I'm very curious to see what he's photographed. Thank you!

  2. I live in a country that's not too far from North Korea (though I'm not from there) and I've been really curious about them, particularly as they've been in the news recently. Thanks for posting this link, I'll definitely check it out.