Tuesday, April 2, 2013

World Autism Awareness Day as I see it

Yoko Ono will have lit the lights of the Empire State Building blue before anyone reads this post but that is o.k. as long as this post gets read. Almost every one will see or hear a little something of Autism today. For a short period of time Autism will get thought about. There are many events being held and words being spoken but what is it truly all about? I have been told many times my oldest son would have been tested and probably diagnosed with autism many years ago, if autism were at all known back then, the 80's that is. There were many children given a handful of diagnosis and of that handful, half could have fallen under the autism column. I imagine in another 20 years autism will have many sub titles under it (there are break offs of autism already) so it is said. SPD has touched our family in this generation. In of it's self it reeks havoc causing misunderstanding and chaos. It will surely help in the medical field to fully understand these illnesses but the families will still be affected, the individual will still be affected. This is why it is they, the individuals, the families that need help now as well as the medical field and research!


  1. You're probably right about the subtitles, but I hope that the medical field will not only better understand these illnesses, but develop affective treatments. Ultimately, we need to figure out what's causing it!

  2. I did hear about autism day from my twitter feed and learned something new because i wasn't aware of it. here from UBC!