Saturday, May 11, 2013

A mixture of Mother's Day!

In the United States in 1908 Anna Jarvis prepared a memorial for her mother. Wanting it to become a national holiday here in the US, she started campaigning for it. The campaign was successful, therefore, in 1914 it was accepted as a National Holiday here in the US and in many other countries.

Mother's Day actually began long ago and was called going-a-mothering. Children as young as 8 or 9 would go off to their apprenticeships if rich or to be servants for the rich, if poor. They came home at Christmas then not again until May after the Easter/lent season was over as they were not needed as much. Children could be found everywhere walking and picking wild flowers for their mother's. This became known as going-a-mothering. I found this interesting.

Mother's Day has became quite commercial. Any business that has a product mother's want or can use has advertisements or sales, sign's or try to spread their news via word of mouth. Although some feel this is not right many believe it helps bolster our economy not just for the big companies for small businesses as well.

Mother's Day, I believe, still means the same. It is a time to reverence our mother's or mother figures. To let them know how we feel about them and everything they have done for us, everything they stand for. Some will visit their mother, some will call, some only have memories to cherish of all the good times but most regard Mother's Day in some form.

To all you mother's or loving woman out there "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" May you enjoy this day, your day!

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