Wednesday, July 31, 2013

2 Dogs, 2 Cats, 2 Birds Oh My!

*Family* While waiting on our new fence!

For the past few months I've been trying to evaluate our pet situation. We don't need and didn't plan to have this large of a pet family. Right now we are having a new fence built, oh the wait. No one or dog likes it! Each pet came about in their own unique way. Peaches our eldest cat (he looks like peaches and cream) was chosen by my son 13 years ago. At that time we already had 3 pets, Lobo, a German shepherd shelter dog, Goobie (my sons therapeutic Cockatiel) and Fred-Fred a rescue Cockatiel. My son fell in love with Peaches and just had to have him. I figured it would be a good responsibility for him (besides he was so cute). Garfield our other cat was abandoned as a kitten in a house not far from here. As fall got colder we took him in and we just love him to pieces. Both of our cats have been neutered so we are not adding to the problem of overpopulation and kittens that no one want. Actually, it is usually cats that no one want. Most seem to want cute little kittens and then often change their minds when the cat has outgrown that stage.

Buddy is our Chow - German Shepherd mix rescue dog, We adopted him awhile after our Lobo passed on. He was outgrowing the puppy stage when we adopted him, now he is 6 years old. Although he is a rather large dog he must think of himself as small because he thinks he is a lap dog. He has abandoned his bed for mine and hides under the drawer side of my desk (his ears, back and tail stick out one each of the 3 sides of the desk legs! Our newest pet is another dog named Spike or "mittens". He is a 9 month old American Pit Bull Terrier. My son brought him when he moved back in and he was way to easy to get attached to. Whenever my son gets on his feet or gets pushed from the nest we will miss Mittens dearly. I have renamed him Cow for his m-ass of a self. He weighs in the same as Buddy which looks much bigger.

Last but not least are my son's 2 birds. Both Cockatiels, both females but the similarities end there. Fred Fred is a rescue bird, my son adopted her 13.5 years ago. Her mate Goobie has passed and it will soon be Fred-Fred's time to rest. She has tended to 2 sets of offspring, the last set being our other Cockatiel Dunnie. The others were given to good homes, in fact each was given to a grandmother. Dunnie is my son David's baby so to speak. He has invested so much time, love and money in her, first syringe feeding her then hand training her, all of her vet bills and then last fall her eye infection and surgery to remove her eye and the complications. The total charge was over $2,000. Who knew? They actually have credit cards for vet bills!!! Thank goodness, in our situation!

What type of pets do you have? Are they pure bred or did you rescue them from a shelter? Could you imagine your family without them?


  1. What gorgeous dogs! I enjoyed reading this post. I also have a large animal family and I love them all. We have dogs, cats and rabbits and I can't imagine my family without them. No animal in our house is a pure bred, they are rescues.

    1. It's so great for people such as yourself to take rescue animals into your home and family!