Saturday, July 13, 2013

Blue Juppy Baby Walker Momentum Giveaway

We used the pink Juppy Baby Walker Momentum which is exactly the same as the blue. We found this an awesome, helpful product. I was not compensated in anyway for this giveaway! I truly wanted to offer another Juppy Walker.

We had a wonderful experience with our Juppy Momentum parent assisted baby walker. Sophia is 10 months old and has no desire to walk at all! The idea was that the Juppy would give her encouragement to want to stand on her legs. Much to our surprise she thought of it as a swing at first. She would use the floor to "kick off" then sway forward and backward. This movement kept her quite happy and content while building leg muscles that would eventually be used for walking. Over and over her thought was "this is a swing". Eventually she started stiffening up her legs but she is just not ready to walk (she is just 10 months.) The movement she is doing is definitely giving her leg muscle strength that is needed.

Mom loved that the Juppy is so safe. She was really concerned about the safety but once she opened the package she had a sigh of relieve. The material is 100% cotton and strong as well as machine washable. The device comes up over her chest to keep her secure from falling forward out of the Juppy. The back connects securely also with a zipper and velcro strips. Mom's main concern was safety and she gave it a two thumbs up in the safety department. Dad liked the safety factor as well and was very pleased with the Juppy. At her big brother's basket ball game he was able to take her upfront and let her be in the Juppy while he watched his son's game. He constantly had a hold of her and felt she was safe as well as content. They also liked the adjustable straps to suit the individual person.  They adjust to each individual height.

Both mom and dad loved how light weight and easy to fold and take along the Juppy is. With three children and grandparents that live out of town they are on the go continuously traveling and many other activities such as the games. Mom said she wouldn't think twice to take the Juppy along on any adventure such as on a picnic or camping trip. It saves her back from having to bend over to help Sophia.

Overall As for it's actual purpose she said it is essential in helping Sophia gain much needed muscle strength in her legs. The convenience in public outings was fantastic. She really liked the Juppy as Sophia. She couldn't think of anything she would change, neither could I.
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